Water Pipe Repair Lining Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas, Nevada Water Pipe Repair Lining

Did you know that your sewer and water lines are a major part of your Nevada home’s plumbing system? It is where grey wastewater is transported and deposited into the municipal waste system or your septic tank. At any time something goes wrong with it, you and your family’s health and well-being are put on the line. Truth be told, there’s nothing quite like having your day marred by damaged or broken pipes. Homeowners should know how to look and spot any issue with their sewer pipes, then consider hiring a Water Pipe Repair and Lining Las Vegas professional. SPT Pipe can get your piping system back to optimal running condition in almost no time!

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Signs That Your Water Line Needs Repair

You might find it difficult to detect problems early on, but soon the signs become more and more obvious. Here are some key signs to look out for:

  • Sudden drop in water pressure
  • Foul odors sourced from the drain
  • Wet spots or flooding in your yard
  • Frequent backups and clogging

You are inconvenienced and wonder how this could have happened. What’s clear is that there’s something serious taking place in your system of water pipes, something that should be looked at by a professional plumber.

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Water Pipe Repair and Lining Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’ve found out the cause of your water line, then it’s time to determine the best course of action. Maybe you’ve had a recent water or sewer line replacement and don’t wish to go through the trouble of digging up your newly-renovated landscape again. Conventional sewer line repairs do excavate huge swathes of land to get to the problem pipe after all.

You might be concerned that materials or chemicals leeching into your water supply may not be resolved if you simply have your water or drain pipes replaced. Pin hole leaks, pipe junction bursts and the aforementioned issue can be resolved by a re-pipe from your qualified SPT technician. This newer, more efficient method we offer is called trenchless technology, and has changed the way homeowners and businessmen think about sewer and water line repairs and replacements.

The whole trenchless re-piping process starts with just one access point created at the problem pipe area. An epoxy-like resin material is injected to form a protective coating inside the water pipe walls. When all is in place, the resin is then “cured” or hardened, which forms the new pipe line. What you get is a new pipe that immediately solves your water line issues without the need to dig.

Your walls, flooring, structure and yard will be saved from destruction from start to finish. Water pipe lining is the cheaper option- it is about 40% less in costs as compared to water pipe replacements. Your new water line can be installed in less than a day and is expected to last 5 decades.

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Having served many customers ever since our founding in the year 1994, SPT has the experience, knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment and skills to perform an excellent job that goes beyond expectations. Call us and we’d be happy to discuss your best options to deal with all your water pipe troubles.

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