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So you’ve bought your dream home in Las Vegas, Nevada and quickly discovered that the plumbing systems aren’t in good shape. You and your family’s well-being, health and safety could be at risk. Older pipes are often made of metal, which corrodes over time, putting heavy metal elements in your water supply.

If you have a Nevada home that has its water pipe systems installed before 1986, then there’s a likelihood that the water you’re using has significant levels of lead. Over time, you or your family members can get sick from constant contact with it. Lead may be absorbed through the skin, so all activities that involve it (hand washing, for example) can be detrimental to your health.

Your Las Vegas abode may be currently experiencing such plumbing problems like rust in the water, pinhole leaks and loss of water pressure. In all of these cases, your water lines will need to be replaced. Before rushing in though, you’ll need to know all the options at your disposal. One of these is a Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings Las Vegas.

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What is Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings?

There are a number of merits when you choose this particular Nu Line product. The main idea is that you won’t have to replace your broken or corroded pipes.

Until recently, residents and commercial owners had no option but to replace their old, broken pipes with new ones. This was a costly affair that was as time-consuming as any major home renovation. Copper pipes are not a viable option nowadays because they are expensive. Labor costs were also astronomical as technicians needed access to the water pipes located on walls, flooring or on their lawn. Not to mention you had to hire a landscape personnel to restore everything back to the way it was.

Now, there’s an innovative method that can fix old pipes by inserting new pipes within. Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings will form a stronger pipe inside your old water pipes. A liner will be slid inside, and the epoxy material is hardened using hot air via compressed air machines. The new pipes will transport clean water that you and your family can drink without worrying about negative health effects.

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Why Pipe Lining with Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings?

Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings are long-lasting and extends a pipe’s lifespan as well, which makes them the more cost-effective choice as compared to pipe replacements. Peace of mind is included, as you won’t have to worry whether you or your family is drinking harmful lead or contaminants in the water.

Moreover, the cutting-edge epoxy lining technology is a non-invasive procedure, which means the insides and outsides of your residential or commercial property will be left intact. The way to your water pipes is merely via digging a small hole called an access point. This trenchless repair method is an excellent preventative solution that preserves and strengthens your water system’s structure.

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Come to SPT Pipe for the best Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings Las Vegas. We are a certified installer of this innovative trenchless technology component. Call us to get total customer satisfaction on the best possible solution for your water pipe problems.

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