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Chula Vista, California Sewer Repair

Nobody wants to go through the mess associated with a sewer repair. In Chula Vista, CA you can avoid a lot of this by calling SPT Pipe for repairs. We use trenchless technology to help reduce the mess, the cost, and the timeline of your repairs.

It is pretty much exactly what the name implies: a method of repair that does not involve trenching. You’ve likely seen some plumbing jobs where mounds of dirt are piled up in a yard or parking lot and big earth moving machines are close by. They would have been used to dig a trench to access a sewer line for repair. Trenchless technology skips all of that.

How exactly is that possible? At SPT Pipe we handle sewer repair jobs without piling large mounds of dirt in your yard and filling it with giant excavators. Instead, we dig one or two much smaller holes down to the pipe connections. That’s all we need access to in order to repair the system.

Once we reach the connection sites, we insert a small video camera. This is how we examine the inside of your sewer pipe. It’s commonly referred to as a video pipe inspection. Even if you don’t have a problem with your sewer line it’s not a bad idea to have a video pipe inspection anyway.

It’s not expensive and it can help to identify a problem before it gets out of hand and requires a larger repair. The camera can show us if there is a clog developing inside the pipe. It also shows us where cracks may be forming or if there is a break in the line from a tree root growing through it. The video camera will also show us where erosion or earth movement of any kind has caused the pipe to break or cave in.

Where a video inspection is most valuable is in older plumbing pipes. If your plumbing dates back several decades, chances are the materials used have aged and are beginning to deteriorate. Older pipes made from lead, concrete, or ceramic materials can become leaky, broken pipes over time. This creates a problem in your sewer line.

Another interesting part about trenchless technology is the types of repairs we can do without removing your pipe. We can use an epoxy liner which coats the inside of the pipe with a seal; we can place a cured-in-place pipe (which is a new pipe within an old pipe), or we can break apart an old pipe and pull a new one into place through pipe bursting. None of these repairs requires excavation to be completed. Plus, most of them can be completed within hours and without having to turn off your water service. Also, these repairs will last 50 years and beyond.

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To find out more about trenchless technology and what it can do for a sewer repair at your home or business in Chula Vista, CA, give us a call at SPT Pipe. Book your appointment through our online form or call us at 855-761-3196.

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