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Lurking beneath every Chula Vista, California homeowner’s yard is an inevitable and potentially costly sewer line repair. Especially in homes that are more than 20 years old, sewer system problems such as clogs and leaks are not a question of if, but when. That’s because the pipes in older homes are often corroded, and may even be partially collapsed or even blocked by tree roots.

When sewer line problems raise their ugly heads, the warning signs are usually obvious, including slow drains, unpleasant smells, loud gurgling noises or a backed-up toilet; however, even when all signs point to an issue with the sewer line, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to determine the cause of the trouble – or how serious it might be.

Fortunately, the modern technology of sewer video camera inspection makes finding the source of any plumbing trouble simple and straightforward. At Specialized Pipe Technologies, we have invested in modern sewer video camera equipment to offer our Chula Vista customers easy and affordable inspections.

A Dig-Free Way to Identify the Problem

By snaking a flexible fiber-optic video camera through the line, our plumbing professionals can complete a thorough visual inspection to locate the exact source of the blockage or damage. That allows us to accurately determine the best approach to your sewer line repair, restoring your system to normal much sooner. We save homeowners from the time, money and hassle of having a sewer line that’s out of commission.

Minimally invasive video inspections take all the guesswork out of plumbing. As our waterproof camera moves through the sewer line, it records a real-time, high-definition video feed that allows our technician to see precisely where the problem is.

At SPT, the cameras we use are small and designed to fit into tight spaces with ease. Even in a situation where pipes are narrow, or buried under a home’s foundation, nothing is off-limits to us. We can even maneuver our cameras around tight corners.

Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspections in Chula Vista

A sewage backup is not only expensive and inconvenient, but can also significantly decrease a home’s value. For this reason, sewer camera inspections are also excellent as a preventive measure. Even if you have not noticed any warning signs of a plumbing issue, you can still benefit from scheduling a video inspection with SPT, as it can save a lot of heartache in the future.

Nothing is worse than buying a dream home and then discovering the need for major repairs. That’s why most real estate agents also recommend hiring a plumbing professional to conduct a sewer line inspection as a routine procedure before completing the purchase of a home.

Video sewer line inspections are relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of major repairs, so they are the most sensible solution for smart homeowners who want to avoid problems down the road.

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Specialized Pipe Technologies offers the most advanced video sewer camera inspections in the Chula Vista, CA area. We are proud to be able to provide our customers with smart solutions that help them protect their pipes and their peace of mind at the same time. Get in touch today for our fast, friendly service.

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