Vent Stack Lining in San Diego, California

San Diego, California Vent Stack Lining

Sewer drainage pipes and vent stacks frequently present problems for homeowners and property managers. Sewer lines can back up and leak due to aging pipes, calcification, damage from roots, and ground movement. The result is costly damage to property structures and a home that stinks to high heaven!

Waste enters your home’s plumbing system through toilets, showers, and sinks. The vent stack removes this sewage from your home and takes it to the sewer main. While vent stacks are generally low maintenance, when something goes wrong with them, it can affect your entire plumbing system. If the vent stack fails, sewage and rainwater can leak into the home, causing mood and harmful bacteria to spread. Vent stack backups can also cause sewers to overflow and eject contaminated water into streets, beaches, and waterways.

If your drains are gurgling, or you notice sewer odors, your vent stack is definitely going to need to be repaired or replaced. SPT Pipe is a certified installer of vent stack lining in San Diego. We can help you reline your old vent stack, saving you the trouble and expense of replacing it altogether.

Why Choose Vent Stack Lining in San Diego?

During a typical vent stack replacement process, the failed vent stack is removed. This can cause destruction to the property and inconvenience to the homeowner. Replacing the vent stack doesn’t address the root of the problem, so the new vent stack system will inevitably become corroded as well.

This is why no-dig and blown-in vent stack liners are the preferred long-term solution for many homeowners. Vent stack lining saves you the hassle and expense of tearing out your walls or digging up your floors to replace pipes. Vent stack lining creates a brand new structural vent stack within the existing stack, saving you up to 40 percent in replacement costs. All vent stack lining work includes a full 10-year guarantee, and the lining has a life span of 50 years. Our lining method utilizes a closed system, which is considered safe for indoor use.

How is Vent Stack Lining Performed?

The vent stack lining process consists of three steps: First, the sewer lines are inspected with cameras to determine the problem. Next, the lines are cleaned. Finally, a liner is fitted into place or blown into the pipe via a process called inversion. The end result is a smooth, seamless pipe within the old pipe. Calcification will no longer be an issue, as the deposits cannot adhere to the walls of the new epoxy barrier-lined vent stack.

Our vent stack lining process is simple and safe, and can be used in residential, industrial, commercial, municipal, and federal buildings. Vent stack lining can be installed on a range of materials, including metal, iron, clay, PVC, and fiberglass. Best of all, the entire process is performed above ground, leaving your landscape, driveways, interior walls, and foundations undisturbed.

The age of expensive pipe repair is over! SPT Pipe is a certified installer of vent stack lining in San Diego. Contact us today if you’d like us to help you reline your old vent stack.

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