Trenchless Water Pipe Repair & Lining San Diego

San Diego, California Trenchless Water Pipe Repair & Lining

If you are looking for a cost effective alternative to your water pipe repair and lining San Diego, then the trenchless water pipe replacement is the way to go. The trenchless epoxy water lining method can fix leaking and deteriorating copper or even your galvanized pipe from the inside of the pipe without having to distract or dig your business or home.

The trenchless water pipe repair method uses a non-invasive technology, by just re-lining your pipe system with a coating that will create a permanent barrier. The barrier will exist between the pipes and fresh water supply.

What are the Symptoms to Look out for?

There are several symptoms that you would need to look out for, which will give you a clear indication that you could be needing this service. If there is foundation movement, hot spots present on the floor, water protrusion from the ground or slab, experiencing a high water bill, if you hear some noise running in the fixtures or walls, then you need a pipe repair very soon.

How it Becomes a Problem

The symptoms mentioned above are just a few but am sure you are wondering how such symptoms can become a problem to you. Several years of water supply running through the leaky water copper lines could turn the soft clay into a swamp. As a result, this could offset your water bills and the foundation of your, office, home, or even school.

When informed you need the water pipe in your home repaired; your immediate reaction to this is fear. You already imagine paying for several days spent in digging and replacing your water pipes and consequently end up with a yard that is full of drain puddles. The good news is that your landscape does now have to suffer during a water pipe repair and your budget does not have to be in tatters. The trenchless water pipe repair is the newest technology in residential and commercial pipe repair that helps you overcome such fears.

How the Modern Water Line Repair Works

When you opt for the trenchless water line repair, a series of techniques will be used with this method. The first step will be cleaning the pipes; your existing pipes are thoroughly cleaned to ensure no debris is present when starting the lining. The cleaning process is done with cameras combined with a specialized cleaning technique. The inspection cameras are used to view the primary cause of the problem you are experiencing and a proper examination of the condition of the pipes inside. The process helps in identify the areas that need immediate attention. Specialized tools are used in this method, as they can target the exact location the pipes are damaged.

Creating a Pipe Within a Pipe

When your pipes are damaged, that is a crack, or a leak is present, professional plumbers can use the new technique of placing a pipe within the pipe. Many pipes found in your homes or offices are made of plastic or metal. Therefore, to create a pipe within your existing pipe, the plumber puts a hose in the existing pipe, and then uses a small machine that is specially designed to spray the epoxy material that will quickly harden. The epoxy coating will quickly seal all the old leaks and cracks present in the pipes.

Get Your Water Pipe Replaced the New Way

The trenchless method in repairing your pipes is the way to go; to get the replacement started using this latest technique give us a call. Our approach guarantees no yard full of trenches as we employ the latest’s technology to get the job completed promptly.

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