Sewer Repair in San Diego, CA

San Diego, like many cities around the US, has a network of sewer lines that are several decades old. As these pipes have aged, they have started to leak their contents into the ground. As a homeowner, you should be aware that these old sewer lines can also be part of your house’s plumbing system, and having raw sewage leaking from them can make your life miserable and require the help of pipe repair specialists in San Diego, CA

The Old Way To Do Sewer Repair in San Diego, CA

Professional plumbing companies can help you deal with this type of problem. However, not all of them are capable of doing it using the latest technology. Some plumbers like to stick to their traditional ways of dealing with things, and this means digging up the pipes. Once the damage is uncovered it can lead to repair or replace sewer line in San Diego, CA, but this process has many disadvantages.

First of all, digging is not cheap. Heavy machinery will have to be brought in, and dirt will pile up along your lawn and pavement. It is not an inexpensive process either since this job is labor-intensive. You also need to keep in mind that repairing pipes this way can take several days, or even weeks. Many of those days your water service may have to be shut down, so you can forget about washing dishes or taking a shower.

The Better Way To Do Sewer Repair in San Diego, CA

But there is no need for all this suffering. Nowadays, a sewer pipe line repair in San Diego, CA can be done much more quickly with a process we use called cured in place pipe or CIPP lining. Best of all, it is a trenchless method, so no more digging is involved.

Sewer line repair in San Diego, CA, starts with a video inspection, where a small video camera is inserted into the sewer pipes and transmits a live feed of what is going on inside. The technician operating this camera will take note of any clogs, tree roots, and cracks or broken pipe pieces he finds.

Then the pipe gets cleaned with a pneumatic or hydro jet tool, and once any obstructions and debris have been removed, we insert a CIPP liner coated in epoxy. Once it reaches the exact spot to be repaired, the liner is inflated and left there for a few hours until the epoxy hardens. This leaves a new liner section inside, which functions as a pipe within the pipe.

The liner is not only extremely sturdy but also durable. It will help prevent tree roots from entering the sewer and does not affect the water flow at all because it has a smooth surface. You can expect this liner to continue doing its job for over 50 years, covering any cracks, replacing broken pipe pieces, and completely stopping sewage leaks. We may also recommend sewer line replacement in San Diego, CA.

When the job is finished, a final video inspection will be done as quality control to make sure that the problem has been solved.

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