Sewer Line Repair And Replacement In San Diego, California

Many California homeowners find themselves in need of sewer line repair and replacement in San Diego. This is due to the fact that a majority of housing developments were built thirty to forty years ago. At that time contractors employed the use of either iron or clay sewer pipes. Over time iron tends to rot, while clay is known to crack. When this occurs, tree roots invade the sewer line causing devastating damage and or costly clogs.

The effect of this natural occurrence may actually lead to sewage backup that can overflow toilets with unhealthy wastewater. In a worst-case scenario, the sewer pipes will completely collapse essentially rendering the entire system useless. When disasters such as this occurs it is typically the homeowner’s responsibility. That being said, there is a few options to consider in order to correctly fix the problem on a permanent basis.

Option One: Traditional Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Although traditional sewer line repair and replacement is the most widely known method it is also the most expensive and time consuming. It actually necessitates the need to dig up the entire area surrounding the sewer line in order to make the repair or replacement. Once the old pipe is exposed, it is removed and replaced with a brand new one. Although many plumbing contractors in the San Diego area still employ this method it is completely outdated and unnecessary.

Sewer pipes are typically located under areas that are landscaped. That means that heavy-duty construction equipment must be brought in to dig up whatever is located above the pipes. You can count on the fact that your lawn, bushes, flowerbeds, and even some trees will be ruined. Often times the old sewer line runs under driveways and in some cases the garage floor. Just imagine the cost to re-landscape your yard after the plumbing contractor’s job is complete.

Option Two: Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair and Replacement

Trenchless sewer pipe repair and replacement is a far less costly and time-consuming option that far too many homeowners are not yet aware of. It certainly does not require the need to dig up and ruin your yard in order to repair or replace the existing sewer pipe. In fact trenchless repair and replacement methods have completely eliminated the need for damaging construction equipment on the job. It provides you with a way to get the job done in a cost effective, and efficient manner, and once complete your life will be back to normal.

There are actually two forms of trenchless sewer repair and replacement. Older sewer pipes that are in somewhat decent shape can be relined. That being said, if there is too much damage to the old sewer line, than the pipe bursting method is employed. In order to perform the pipe lining method, a small access hole is dug near the sewer line. Then a resin-coated tube is pulled or blown through the inside of the existing pipe. The resin hardens within a few short hours and creates a brand new pipe within the existing old pipe. The new resin pipe is only 0.25-inches smaller and does not negatively affect the flow of wastewater and materials.

The pipe bursting method is executed by pulling a new, continuous pipe that is manufactured out of a high-density polyethylene plastic material through the existing sewer line. This new pipe fractures or breaks the old pipe in an outward motion. The pieces are buried in the ground next to the new pipe that has now taken the old pipe’s place. Pipe bursting only requires two small access holes at either end of the sewer line. Pipe lining, and pipe bursting are both excellent methods of sewer lining and replacement that should last approximately fifty plus years.

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