Pipe Repair in San Diego, CA

Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT) takes pride in our pipe repair specialists in San Diego, CA. We serve commercial and residential customers. Because of spectacular growth, we are very pleased to be able to service customers in eight locations all of the United States. We are a company that was founded in our home state of Florida in the year 1994. This means we have over 25 solid years of excellent experience in the pipe repair industry.

We have tons of relevant experience carefully cleaning, diligently restoring, and intently inspecting pipe systems. We do jobs on both pressurized pipe systems and non-pressurized pipe systems. In Florida, we are proud to be the first specialist in underground video inspections. We have extensive experience in non-invasive pipe lining services that are known as “trenchless”. These do not mandate us to dig up your yard or common areas, which saves time and money.

The pipe lining processes of Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT) are affordable and very effective. Our technicians are the absolute tops in the industry. Our pipe repair specialists in San Diego, CA, are known for rehabbing over two million feet of sewer pipes. We are the premier pipe repair company in the country and can perform detailed cured-in-place pipe lining, deep pipe cleaning, and extensive pipe inspections.

When Do You Need Pipe Repair Services

Several key signs may indicate you will require high-quality pipe repair in San Diego, CA. One thing to look for is very large wet spots in your yard that are hanging around for too long. Usually, these puddles or wet spots drain within a few hours if you have a functioning drainage system.

The next thing to be aware of would be if your drains are now failing to drain as they should. This is not a good thing and probably means you need sewer pipe repair services pronto. Please refrain from using chemical drain cleaners as these can make a small problem much bigger. They damage PVC pipes, badly corroded pipes, and pipes that are older, too. Get in touch with our experts to repair pipe in San Diego, CA.

Finally, you may notice smells that are becoming vastly more abundant in your home or business. One smell you might notice is the smell of raw sewage. This is a sign you likely need repairs. Another can be a musty smell. Finally, you may be smelling mildew-like smells. This is a good time to contact SPT for pipe repair in San Diego CA.

Contact Specialized Pipe Technologies for Pipe Repair Services

Our pricing very straightforward. Our technicians are extremely trustworthy and we do not believe in “hidden fees.” Our estimates are accurate. Please contact us today and we will schedule your appointment so that we can take care of all of your pipe-related issues now. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form for pipe repair in San Diego, CA. Specialized Pipe Technologies also offers:

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    Specialized Pipe Technologies

    For over 25 years SPT has provided sewer, water line and storm drain inspection, cleaning and non-invasive pipe lining solutions. We help property owners and managers clean and repair their existing pipes using “no-dig” non-invasive renewal techniques. SPT repairs leaks and cracks with our internal “pipe-within-a-pipe” lining process that uses existing access points and doesn’t require tearing out walls or landscaping. 

    Our expert pipe lining installation teams have rehabilitated more than 2 million linear feet of pipe!