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Everyone from California home owners to business owners to building managers have experienced the problem of damaged pipes. You may have had to call a pipe replacement and repair company to attend to the problem. The first step in any pipe replacement or repair job is to locate the damaged portion of the pipe without having to excavate along the whole route of the pipe. This requires a thorough pipe inspection. At SPT Pipe, we offer pipe inspection, repair, and maintenance services for residents of Temecula, CA and for industries located in the vicinity.

Pipe Inspection in Domestic Drain Pipes

Usually, domestic sewer drain pipes fall in the category of small bore pipes. The range of diameters is from ½” (13mm) to 6” (150mm). Our plumbers come equipped with a camera, a TFT display, and a flexible push pipe. Before the inspection, we use a hydro jet device to flush the pipe of all grit, sludge, and grime.

Our plumbers begin by attaching a high-resolution camera to one end of a flexible push pipe and inserting it into the drain pipe. We then mount the push pipe as a coil on a trolley and push it down the sewer pipe.

The camera then travels down the length of the damaged pipe. A radio transmitter in the mounting head of the camera transmits images of the inside of the pipe to a TFT display unit on the trolley. The distance of the camera from the initial insertion point is also being transmitted to the display unit.

You can actually see and locate the damaged portion of the drain pipe. Our inspection team of highly trained and experienced pipe inspection and repair personnel will then provide you with a realistic estimate of the cost of repairs.

Pipe Inspection in Industrial Pipes

The pipe inspection of California industrial pipes requires a wider range of measurable parameters.  You would be interested in measuring the wall thickness of the pipe and its ovality. Since there are many fluids traveling in industrial pipes, it’s important to measure the ovality of pipelines. Hence the camera system used for industrial pipe inspection is much more sophisticated. All you need to do is inform our engineers and technicians of your specific inspection needs. Our team will select the inspection head of the camera system accordingly with different types of sensors. Sonar and laser techniques are used for industrial pipeline inspection.

In a single pass, the inspection collects such important information as pipe thickness, ovality, debris level, lateral location and damage location without the need to interrupt or divert flow.

We have inspected a wide range of pipe diameters.  Our high-resolution cameras can inspect the smallest pipe diameter, even ones as small as 13mm or ½ inch. There is no limit to the maximum diameter of pipe inspection. We inspect pipes of up to 200 meters or 600 feet.

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