Storm Drain Cleaning in National City, CA

Specialized Pipe Technologies provides storm drain cleaning in National City, CA, as a service courtesy of our top pipe repair specialists. If your property has storm drains, the drains are likely to clog with debris which must be periodically removed to allow storm water to flow freely. If this is not done, water will pool up at the surface and can damage roofs, parking lots, landscape and other infrastructure very quickly. Storm drain obstructions are also a factor in water quality because storm water is not treated as is the water in the sanitary sewers.

What Is The Difference Between Storm Sewers And Sanitary Sewers?

The sanitary sewer carries un-pressurized water and wastes from bathrooms, laundries, kitchens, and other plumbing components to a wastewater treatment plant for filtering, and other treatment and then discharging into the environment.

The storm sewer is a system for carrying rainfall and snowmelt runoff and other drainage. It cannot handle sewage or hazardous wastes. The runoff is carried in underground pipes or open ditches and flows untreated into local streams, rivers and other surface water bodies. Storm drains in National City, CA, maybe in curbs or low-lying outdoor areas or where the ground is paved over preventing water from percolating into the soil. Older properties sometimes have floor drains leading to the storm runoff system.

Your Responsibilities

Although cities are typically responsible for maintaining and repairing stormwater runoff lines, individual property owners are responsible for maintaining any storm drains which may lead to the municipal system. This is why it is important to schedule an annual inspection and cleaning of storm drains on your property. Specialized Pipe Technologies performs many storm drain cleaning services in National City, CA, because we are equipped with the best in modern live sewer camera technology to inspect all of the storm drain structures for which you are responsible.

Specialized Pipe Technologies frequently clears clogged storm drains in National City, CA, with the best sewer jetting and vacuum equipment for the process. Sometimes the storm drain components can become damaged to the point where they cannot convey the storm runoff efficiently.

Fortunately, we are pipe repair specialists in National City, CA. We have repaired many storm drains over the years, typically using CIPP pipe lining which has proven to be very effective, durable, and cost-effective for you the property owner.

We also advise our clients to:

  • Avoid or minimize the use of herbicides and pesticides
  • Don’t pour anything into storm sewer drains
  • Don’t pour paints, solvents, cleaners, etc. into any drain, they belong in your local county’s household hazardous waste.
  • Clean up spills, protect all drains from the spills
  • Recycle motor oil at your local auto parts store
  • Repair fluid drips from your vehicles
  • Keep storm sewer drains clear of leaves, grass clippings, sticks and litter

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