Vent Stack Lining in Encinitas, CA

One of the worst case scenarios in commercial and residential properties is a broken vent stack system. When a vent stack fails to function the way it’s supposed to, a lot of bad things happen. Rainwater, sewage and contaminants leak into the house, causing all sorts of bacterial invasions and disruptions. A sewage backup could also happen, which isn’t a pretty sight. Gray water and waste water get into your bathrooms, the streets, the waterways and into beaches. Those who have experienced a vent stack breakdown will know how effective a vent stack lining in Encinitas, CA is indirectly addressing the issue.

Why Choose Vent Stack Lining?

Replacing your whole vent stack is not always the best option. Plumbers who will do the repairs will tell you that they will need to remove the vent stack in order to have it replaced. This can cause unneeded damage to your residential or commercial property. The problem is, doing a replacement doesn’t always mean that your problems are solved. The new vents are still susceptible to corrosion and other common causes of breakdown. In these cases, the better option may be to rehabilitate it instead of replacing it.

We offer vent stack lining to save you the trouble of having to dig up your precious flooring, or tear down your home’s walls to find the problem pipes. It’s a no-dig, blown-in process that is quickly becoming the go-to solution for most residents in this part of San Diego County. Did you know that vent stack rehabilitation only costs about two-thirds the total cost of traditional vent stack replacements? Best of all, a newer, stronger structure takes the place of the old vent stack, further saving you the trouble and the effort of installing brand new stacks.

How Is Vent Stack Lining Performed?

Camera Inspection. A high-tech camera is inserted into the vents for inspection purposes. Our technician controls what they want to see via remote-controlled equipment. The video footage comes from the ground level, thus affording a full view of what the actual problem is in your vent stacks.

Liner Insertion. Your existing pipes will have a liner entering it after the stack is clear of debris and foreign materials. SPT technicians pull the fiberglass liner via a winch cable through the vent pipes. The end is now secured via strong nylon straps. The liner is inflated and cured with UV light.

We will then remove the installation equipment and the end gates as they trim the liner at the start and end of the vent pipes. Service is restored to the main vents. In the end, homeowners and commercial proprietors will have a new, seamless pipe inside the old vent pipes.

SPT Pipe can help you with Vent Stack Lining in Encinitas, CA if you or your business space experiences a vent system breakdown. Our trenchless technology provides one of the most efficient and cost-effective processes as compared to traditional methods such as vent stack replacements. The new lining has a sturdy lifespan of 50 years or more. Call us today for any inquiries about our proven vent stack lining process and we will be more than happy to assist.

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