Trenchless Storm Drain Repair Encinitas, CA

Concrete drains crack and collapse; corrugated storm drains may protect your home or business property, but soon they corrode and become a source of major inconvenience. What’s more, these conditions usually result in ground erosion and sand entering your innermost premises. The deadliest outcome is the possibility of a sinkhole forming, which is a dire threat to local area parking lots, roads and commercial establishments. When faced with such issues, the option of having your damaged storm drains via trenchless method makes total sense.

Trenchless Storm Drain Repair Process

CIPP, or cured in place piping is the preferred trenchless technology of choice when faced with issues such as storm drain problems in San Diego County. On the other hand, if your storm drains and sewer lines are in relatively good shape, then we can perform a pipe relining process that’ll restore your pipes good as new.

Your sewer lines and storm drains will be cleaned via a hydro jetting equipment. This cleans out the pipes and removes all corrosion and other debris built up from years of use. Lateral connections that jut out will be temporarily removed; any needed repairs will be done. Once the pipe is properly lined, the service connections are turned back on and the pipe will be immediately serviceable. Labor costs are minimized, as is business downtime.

The trenchless method introduces the pipe within a pipe type of repair via special epoxy-like resin material. SPT trenchless repair technicians will pour in the special resin once the pipe has been sufficiently cleared of debris. The liner that’s filled with epoxy resin will be pulled in place. Once it’s in the right position, it will be “cured” to stay in place to create a new pipe with excellent durability.

Benefits Of Sewer Pipe Lining

What sets trenchless technology apart from the rest of the available conventional sewer and water line repairs? The multifold of benefits you get out of it:

Minimized Root Intrusion and Leaks:

The CIPP method introduces a new seamless pipe located inside the existing pipe’s diameter, eliminating weaknesses such as leaks, root intrusion, and pipe corrosion.

No Dig Solution:

Say goodbye to extensive property damage and looking at a ruined landscape. Trenchless technology is such that you won’t ever need to hire contractors to dig up your property’s landscape. Your SPT crew will get the job done with minimal life disruption.


Compared to traditional sewer line repair methods, trenchless technology saves you money on both present and future time. The new pipes can last upwards of 50 years.

Improved Flow:

The new pipe is much smoother than old pipe materials made of clay, cast iron or concrete, which improves flow capacity. Calcified deposits that stick to old piping won’t stick to the new one and future blockages will be minimized.

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A proper trenchless storm drain repair in Encinitas, CA, must be followed through for the plumbing system to work efficiently for a long, long time. SPT Pipe ensures quality work from start to end, and will even perform a final inspection to see if the new liner is properly installed. Contact us for your storm drain concerns and all other plumbing needs for state-of-the-art trenchless service.

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