Trenchless Sewer Repair Clairemont, California

There is no shortage of excitement living in California. In the life of a plumbing contractor, we see most of the excitement following a tropical storm hitting land or a heavy rain from a system that contains severe weather. We are SPT Pipe and wild weather has a way of affecting sewer systems. Often high volumes of water falling during a storm cannot be carried away fast enough in a sewer system. At times this creates a backup that can impact your residential service. A major windstorm can uproot trees causing damage to underground sewer lines as well.

How We Identify The Problem

Trenchless sewer repair in Clairemont, CA, encompasses a lot of different types of pipe projects. Before we can even guess at what needs to be done, we have to examine the underground lines. We do this with a sewer camera inspection. We dig down to the pipe connections and after we disconnect them we insert a tiny video camera. The video camera can be moved up or down the sewer line so we can get a close look at what is going on inside the pipe. The video camera sends a closed-circuit feed to one of our technicians on-site to examine. You could say the camera gives us eyes inside the pipe. It is from the video feed that we will identify what needs to be fixed.

How We Fix The Problem

We use different repairs to address different issues. If a clog exists in the underground pipe, we will use our hydro jetting system. This is a hose and nozzle which sends high-pressure water blasts into the pipe. This is an effective way to remove clogs and blockages. If there are cracks or leaks, we would look to insert a liner. The liner is an epoxy-coated soft sleeve that is unfurled inside the pipe. Hot water is applied and the resins in the liner will react and cure. This turns into a solid pipe lining. If there is a more serious problem we will replace the pipe without digging by using a process known as pipe bursting. Essentially we pull a new pipe into place and break up the existing one along the way.

The Benefits Of Trenchless Repairs

Trenchless sewer repairs do not require excavation, which makes this process easy on the environment as well as easy on your wallet. Not only that, but trenchless repairs last far longer than traditional dig-to-replace repairs. Trenchless repairs also take less time to complete, with several of them possible without the need to turn off your water service. After we have finished the job, there will be little evidence left behind that we were even there.

For More Information

To learn more about how we can quickly and efficiently repair your underground sewer pipes after a severe weather event or for any other reason, call us today. In San Diego County, you can call us direct at SPT Pipe by calling us.

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