Sewer Repair Clairemont, California

There are many reasons why you may need sewer repair services. In the greater San Diego County, you can count on us at SPT Pipe for all of your plumbing repair needs. We can take care of everything from small leaks right on up to serious issues with the sewer line that runs underground from your home or business.

How We Locate The Problem

There is a pipe that runs underground between your building and the mainline that runs along your street. This is called a lateral. The lateral pipe is deep enough under the surface of your property that it is completely hidden. Your driveway, a sidewalk, or landscaping features will likely be sitting somewhere over top of the buried lateral. It is this pipe where most sewer problems occur. In order for us to accurately identify a sewer issue, we have to access the lateral. Because we use trenchless technologies, we do not excavate your property. Instead, we use a tiny video camera that we insert into the lateral.

How We Insert The Camera

There are two connection points for the lateral. One is close to the building where the service exits the home or business and the other is near the street at the edge of your property. We will dig down to one of those connection points. After we disconnect the lateral from the service line we can insert our tiny camera to conduct a sewer camera inspection.

How We Conduct A Video Camera Inspection

The camera has a closed-circuit system that feeds a video stream to one of our on-site technicians. The camera can be moved up or down the lateral for better visual identification of anything that looks out of the ordinary. The video camera produces such high-quality video that it can reveal many different problems with your sewer line. There may be a clog or blockage forming from a buildup of organic material or from a tree root that has popped through the pipe. There may be cracks or leaks that have developed from the age of the pipe or as a result of damage sustained from other means. There could be a cave in from a weak spot in the pipe or something that occurred from the above ground that damaged it.

How We Use Trenchless Technology

Regardless of the issue, we find underground with our sewer camera inspection, we have the trenchless solution to fix the problem. Trenchless means we do not dig the pipe out to fix it. We use solutions ranging from hydro jetting to pipe lining and pipe bursting. Trenchless repairs are easy on the environment and they cost you less. Plus, they will last far longer than an excavation-style repair. This saves you money in the long term.

How To Contact Us

You can reach SPT Pipe for more information on trenchless sewer repair in Clairemont, CA, just by calling our office or contact us on our website.

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