Sewer Repair in Carlsbad, CA

If you ask a homeowner or business owner what their biggest fear is, you may hear answers such as fires, home invasions, or flooding. What many people forget about, however, is the threat of an aging sewer system and the need for timely sewer pipe line repair in Carlsbad, CA.

Take the city of Fort Lauderdale for example, which spewed over 20 million gallons of sewage into the area’s waterways. Last summer an underwater sewer pipe burst under the Himmarshee Canal that let out 10.6 million gallons of waste and then, just miles away, another sewage pipe burst at George English Park leaked 3.2 million.

That wasn’t the first spill in the 106-year-old city, however; over the past three years, the total of gallons of raw sewage spilled went higher than expected, reaching many local waterways and seeping into the ground.

The Importance Of A Good Sewer Repair

Leaking pipes are not only damaging to property but can be detrimental to the environment. They can contaminate the surface and groundwater resources, which leads to public health and pollution problems.

According to the Massachusetts Government Energy and Environmental Affairs, “Inadequately treated sewage from failing septic systems poses a significant threat to drinking water and human health because diseases and infections may be transferred to people and animals directly and immediately. Dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid fever, and acute gastrointestinal illness are some of the more serious examples. Inadequately treated sewage from failing septic systems is the most frequently reported cause of groundwater contamination.

When Do You Need Sewer Repair

If you have old piping, your pipes are at an increased risk of bursting. Pipes built before 1980 are typically made of clay and cast iron, which tend to crack and rot, requiring the assistance of pipe repair specialists in Carlsbad, CA.

There are other common causes that can lead to sewer problems, such as unprotected pipes. Another common issue is tree root infiltration in the piping. The tree roots tend to invade through the joints, then grow and expand until the pipe is clogged or bursts.

Get Sewer Repair

If you notice any warning signs such as constant clogging, a raised water bill, lower water pressure, foul odor or leaking, it is important to call a professional to repair sewer line in Carlsbad, CA before the problem gets worse.

At Specialized Pipe Technologies, we use a specialized no-dig and non-intrusive pipe solutions to save you money and time. Our team locates the leak or corrosion, cleans out the pipe, and then applies an epoxy coating that adheres to the internal pipe surface. Once the epoxy coating hardens, the team performs a final inspection to ensure quality. All of this is done without digging up your yard and costing you thousands. Through sewer line repair in Carlsbad, CA, we can get your sewer pipes back on track.

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