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Almost all California commercial buildings use roof drains in order to direct rainwater away from the roof and to the ground below. If somehow an apartment or a multi-storey condo has an older pipe that breaks, leaks or cracks, then the vertical stacks, or the sewer and drain lines are affected in a big way. The entire 5th floor condo may experience flooding whenever someone flushes a toilet; what more if the damage continues and no one has noticed the problem?

It’s true that a leak in the roof drain can spell out certain inconveniences and disruption of daily work. The issue becomes compounded if you try to repair it using traditional pipe repair methods. Thank goodness trenchless technology is now available for both residential and commercial use! All kinds of establishments and home dwellings such as schools, retail stores, restaurants, hospitals will appreciate the convenience and efficiency of Roof Drain Lining in Carlsbad, CA.

Pipe Lining

The concept of pipe lining as a trenchless repair method consists of a liner, an epoxy resin and a “pipe within a pipe” idea. A good starting point is where sewer service comes laterally out the building, on the way to the main line system. The CIPP, or cured in place pipelining needs only one access point to pull off; the curing process itself only takes up to 4 hours. The coating usually depends on several deciding factors such as structural conditions, temperature, and pH.

Four Major Roof Drain Lining Benefits For San Diego County

No Large Costs

You might be presented with an option to replace the ailing pipes entirely, to which a huge bill is presented. The price of a new drain can cost hundreds of dollars, plus the number of hours needed by the plumber can be too much to bear. Roof drain lining is the next best thing to repairing your pipes without sinking your budget allowance for that month.

Time-Saving Process

Replacement and digging can take up a huge chunk of your time. Time is of the essence, especially if you’re running a business. A disruption in any form can prove to be costly for you and your customers. Traditional roof drain repairs can close down your commercial property for weeks. Trenchless technology roof drain lining gets the job done at a fraction of the time.

Increase Property Value

Investing in a trenchless roof drain repair will not only save you a lot of repair costs, but it will also drive your property value up by a significant notch. This aspect holds true even if you’re not putting your home in the real estate market. If you do decide to sell it, the lined roof drains will look good on paper as buyers will see the potential of it lasting for up to 50 years.

Wise Investment

Speaking of which, your newly lined pipes get to last up to 50 years or more because the lining is durable and doesn’t have the weakness that traditional pipe materials have. You lessen the risk of your property acquiring water damage when the roof drain leaks or corrodes.

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