Sewer Camera Inspection Irvine, California

If you are having problems with your California sewer pipes and even your plumber doesn’t know how to solve them, it might be time for a sewer camera inspection. With a sewer camera inspection, SPT Orange County, California will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your sewer pipes.

Sewer Camera Inspection

For sewer camera inspection, we use a small waterproof camera to see the insides of your sewer pipes. When we insert the camera in your pipes using a long cable, we attach it to a monitor placed in front of you. The monitor shows you everything. Our expert will sit with you throughout the inspection, explaining the entire inspection. At the end of the inspection, you can ask the technician to provide you a copy of the inspection.

Many customers come to us complaining about their repeatedly blocking sewer pipes. Despite using several drain cleaners and even hiring plumbers, the sewer pipes keep blocking. A sewer camera will show you exactly why that might be happening. It could be because something is stuck inside your drain pipes. Sometimes root intrusions are the cause of blocked sewer pipes.

The Condition of Your Sewer Pipes

Your plumber might have proposed sewer pipe replacement and you aren’t sure if you want to invest in the project. When you ask us to inspect your sewer pipes, our experts will not just perform the inspection. They will also analyze the condition of your sewer pipes and suggest ways to deal with the problems.

If you are buying a new home, it’s best to schedule a sewer camera inspection. That way you can avoid any unpleasant surprise later on.

Renovation Work

A Sewer Camera Inspection is also a good idea if you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom. With an inspection, we will advise you the best way to approach any renovation work. Otherwise, you might find a problem later on after spending a lot of money and time on the renovation only to realize that the entire project wasn’t feasible in the first place.

Professional Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Many plumbing companies will offer you free sewer camera inspection. However, we will advise you to be wary of such free offers. There are always hidden costs associated with them. When you hire professionals, they will do a thorough job. And at the end of the inspection, we provide our customers with a free DVD copy of the entire video. This often comes in handy when you save any sewer pipe problems.

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