Roof Drain Lining Orange County, California

Roof drains suffering from leaks can pose extreme threats to your home, as the leaking water can allow mold to form in your drywall, compromising the integrity of your roof and walls. All of these risks can be corrected with roof drain lining, and at SPT Orange County, we offer roof drain lining services for your home in order to keep you and your family safe from problems.

Roof Drain Lining

In the past, roof drains that were leaking were often replaced with new pipes, a time-consuming process that could be expensive and wasn’t as effective as it could be. At SPT Orange County, we offer roof drain lining because it completes the job more quickly and efficiently. In this process, we will insert an epoxy resin lining in your roof drains. Using a balloon, we push the epoxy lining to settle on the inside perimeter of your existing, damaged pipe. Our experts will then let it cure into place for the next three to four hours. After the lining hardens, our technicians will remove the balloon, leaving you with a new pipe. This pipe lining forms a completely new pipe, with an increased lifespan and greater durability compared to the old drain.

Benefits of Roof Drain Lining

At SPT Orange County, we strongly recommend this solution for our customers not just because of its ability to be installed quickly, but also because it provides our customers with many benefits, such as:

  1. Roof drain lining saves you money by reducing the expenses of repairs and ensuring that you don’t have to pay for extra demolition and construction costs. By keeping the prices focused on the lining process itself, our customers will be able to save money and apply their expenditures elsewhere, cementing roof drain lining as an affordable solution.
  2. Roof drain lining increases the value of your property. The lining adds strength to your roof drains and prevents leaks into your walls and roofs. With epoxy lining, we will be using high-grade pipes that aren’t susceptible to corrosion or leakage. You don’t have to worry about your old pipe corroding since our epoxy lining is designed to work perfectly well on its own, and a better-maintained home always results in a better market price value.
  3. Roof drain lining is a long-lasting solution, ensuring a lifespan of over 25 years. You don’t need to worry about your roof drain problems for the next few decades, saving you money from paying for repairs and ensuring that your drains will function smoothly.
  4. Roof drain lining saves you time because our experts will be able to complete the repairs within a few hours, unlike traditional methods that require a week to be completed.
  5. Roof drain lining saves you from stressing about your roof drains maintenance, reducing the need for additional repairs in the future and allowing your drains to work more efficiently during storms.

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