Having problems with your sewer line can be a real headache. A broken drain pipe can leak smelly water and cause a lot of inconvenience to you and your neighbors. Unfortunately for everyone living in Manhattan Beach, this is something that can happen at any moment and will require sewer pipe line repair in Manhattan Beach, CA.

The issue here is that most of sewer lines are many decades old. As they age, they become prone to cracks. Age, along with the temperature and humidity, create an environment that contributes to pipe erosion, which results in a failing plumbing system that will require the assistance of pipe repair specialists in Manhattan Beach, CA, from Specialized Pipe Technologies.

Sewer Problems In Manhattan Beach, CA

As a property owner, broken sewer pipes can happen to you. The drain and sewer pipes that carry away the wastewater from your drains can also break and repairs need to be made. Not long ago this was a big task. Even a small sewer line repair in Manhattan Beach, CA would mean having to dig out the pipes, repair them, and then cover them up. Meanwhile, you may have to stop using any water at home and your neighbors would have to suffer the noise and dust created by these jobs.

Repairing Failing Sewer Pipes

Fortunately, at SPT we can help you with any sewer repair in Manhattan Beach, CA, and we use the latest technology to minimize any inconveniences. For this, we use what is known as a trenchless approach, which means no more digging up trenches to access the pipes. Even if your whole line needs to be lined, all we need are existing access points.

First of all, we will inspect your pipes with a video camera, which will let us verify their condition and decide on the best fix for your sewer line in Manhattan Beach, CA. To repair the pipes we use a CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) lining process.

After cleaning up the pipes with a high-pressure nozzle, a liner is covered in epoxy and inserted into the pipe. When it reaches the exact spot to be patched, it is inflated until it covers the inside surface of the tube. Once the epoxy hardens the bladder is removed, leaving behind a newly created pipe which patches up any cracks and broken pieces.

Its smooth interior will allow high water flow and its strong construction will prevent any root intrusion or corrosion since it is virtually chemically inert.

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