Storm Drain Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

If you have a clogged storm drain in Los Angeles, CA, or if you are struggling with a clog that cannot be handled inside of your home or business, get in touch with Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT). SPT not only provides standard plumbing and sewer repair services, but also assistance with trenchless pipe lining but drain inspection and cleaning including traditional storm drains in all areas that we serve.

The Process of Storm Drain Cleaning

Depending on where you are currently located in Los Angeles, California or a neighboring city, you should understand just how important an effective and properly working storm drain for your home or place of business is at all times. Although the City of Angels is not notorious for major rainfall, the city itself is not typically prepared for massive storms or rain, which is why all storm drains in Los Angeles, CA, must be maintained at all times.

At Specialized Pipe Technologies, we can help to clean and clear any type of storm drain, whether you have a small clog or if you believe you require a major cleaning and clearing job. We provide complete and thorough storm drain inspections with the use of a sewer camera, giving our pipe repair specialists in Los Angeles, CA with a complete overview of your current pipes and plumbing system, as well as the storm drain, being inspected. Using a sewer camera to complete the inspection of a storm drain is highly beneficial, as most storm drains are not pressurized, making it difficult to identify issues, leaks, cracks, and clogs in storm drains without a specialized camera.

Our storm drain cleaning company in Los Angeles, CA, will then determine the best course of action for your storm drain. In many cases, hydro jetting services are recommended to help eliminate clogs and buildup without causing additional damage or harm to your current storm drain and the plumbing system you have in place.

Benefits of Storm Drain Cleaning Services

Relying on storm drain cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA, is beneficial as we utilize equipment such as specialized inspection cameras and tools for storm drains, clogs, and residential or specific commercial plumbing systems. Working with our professionals by your side is also another way to gain additional access to your own storm drain, how to properly maintain it, and how to extend the lifespan of your storm drain and plumbing system entirely. You can be sure that our team is licensed and insured to protect you and your property.

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Specialized Pipe Technologies can assist with both residential and commercial properties in the local area. Rest assured that our pipe repair specialists are ready and capable to serve you. Contact Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT) to learn more about storm drain cleaning in Los Angeles, CA. Call us today or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment with our team. We also provide:

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