Drain Cleaning Pasadena, California

Drains are a small part of a much larger whole. Most people don’t think twice about them, but did you know the health of your drains can affect the overall health of your California sewer system?

That’s right; those tiny drains you only think about when they aren’t working correctly are actually extremely important.

So how do you take care of drain pipes?

First of all, don’t fall victim to the catchy commercial jingles and lower price tags of store bought cleaners. The cleaners may be convenient in the moment but, over time, they’re doing more harm than good.

DIY Drain Cleaning

Store bought cleaners are full of chemicals that actually promote corrosion of your pipes. While they may be a quick fix for a slow draining drain, they aren’t the best option in the long run.

Don’t trust a bottle that has a word that looks like “drain” or “plumbing” on it. Your drainage system is vital to your home, not just because it’s convenient to have modern day plumbing but because it’s healthier than the alternative, or a compromised system.

Trust a professional who can provide you with the piece of mind that more damage is not being done while your drains are being cleaned.

Professional Drain Cleaning

Take a moment to consider all the gunk and junk that goes into your drains:

  • Water and Liquid Waste
  • Food Waste
  • Soap Scum and Oil Scum
  • Human Waste

It’s easy to imagine these things effortlessly flowing through your drains and into waste treatment centers, but when it comes to your drainage system ignorance is not bliss. Professional Drain Cleaning is the smart choice.

By having your drains professionally cleaned—and doing it regularly—you’re not letting all of those things you send down your drain build up. In turn, you’re safeguarding yourself from things like:

  • Inefficient Draining
  • Blockages and Buildups
  • Sewage Backups

What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

If you aren’t quite convinced of the importance of drain cleaning, take a look at what happened to a local Pasadena Jamba Juice.

After a visit from a city health inspector, the establishment was found to have an unusable restroom. The floor sink in the restroom in question was overflowing with waste water. It not only made the bathroom completely unusable but it was a direct health hazard as well.

Once the sewage problems were discovered, the Jamba Juice was shut down and their health permit was suspended in the process.

It goes without saying, but a food establishment that poses a health risk due to sewage problems is one you want to avoid. In fact, you’re probably wondering why they let the problem go for so long without calling someone in to fix it. That’s the exact same approach you should have to your own home and drainage system.

No one wants to live in filth. Slow, inefficient drains that do not function up to standard are not just a nuisance; they’re a health hazard as well. The effects of those drains going uncleaned pose a threat to you and your family’s well-being. So why wait until something goes wrong to have them addressed?

Be proactive with your drainage system and have your drains cleaned by a professional regularly. It’s your best shot at avoiding the catastrophes that come with blockages, build ups, and compromised drains.

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