Water Main Investigation Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada Water Main Investigation

A lot of water pipes that were installed in Las Vegas have been around for more than 50 years. Imagine these pipes being subject to constant water pressure, corrosion and root intrusion, and you’d probably have a good idea of its state.

Leaks, cracks and holes in the water lines cause a lot of problems for the homeowner. The worst case scenario is the possibility that the water main could blow out if left unchecked. Water service is totally disrupted, meaning you can’t use any water conveniences such as flushing or washing any time soon. It can even cause damaging floods to the outside and inside of your property, which leads to the unwanted growth of mold and mildew in the walls, flooring or the roof.

Such an emergency requires a customer report, which leads to investigation. It’s certainly for the best that one should report immediately if they notice anything unusual happening in their water mains. You might think that it’s normal to have a low-pressure water supply every now and then, but this sign could be something deeper and more serious. A Water Main Investigation Las Vegas can determine whether there are blockages or foreign materials stuck into the pipes.

A Proper Water Main Inspection

Professional SPT Pipe technicians carry out the task of water main investigations using state of the art equipment. A special robotic machine carrying a high resolution video camera will be sent in to see what the problem is. It is currently one of the best methods in determining the exact cause of the main water problem.

The camera starts in the nearest fire hydrant, making its way into the water main. Real time, high resolution images are stored in order to view the conditions of the pipe. Our trenchless technician will be able to see these images using a laptop, tablet or even a smart phone. The image is then analyzed and discussed to see what the best course of action is for repairing the problem. The images are stored and may be used in the future to compare the pipes a year from now, for example. When you hire us the next time around, such as for regular maintenance, we’ll know exactly what to do. The process will be even more efficient and recommendations will be consistent.

Water main inspections are a non-invasive, non-disruptive process which means there’s no need to disturb huge swaths of land. The trenchless method saves commercial and residential owners a significant amount of money and time. For this reason, SPT experts recommend homeowners and business owners schedule a yearly inspection. In the same vein, those who are looking to purchase homes should have a water main investigation written on their to-do list. Finding out whether the current water lines are up to par is essential for you or your family’s well-being.

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Don’t let your water main become a source of major headache. Come to SPT Pipe to get a thorough water main investigation Las Vegas to see if any of the pipes need replacement or repair. We have what it takes to resolve your water main issues using our knowledge, vast experience, and available technologies in the plumbing industry.

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