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Germantown, Maryland Water Pipe Repair And Lining

Up until twenty odd years ago replacing water pipes in your home, commercial building, or investment property was one of the most difficult, and lengthy processes that most plumbing contractors encountered. The vast amount of labor and time quickly added up to excruciatingly large bills for property owners. Even a small water pipe leak required the plumber to demolish whatever was in the way. Since most people consider pipes to be unsightly, they are typically hidden or covered by walls, ceilings, and floors. If you are fortunate enough to have never experienced it, than you can only imagine how expensive, messy, and time-consuming demolition actually is. Once the plumber made the necessary repairs to the pipe your property was still left in a state of disarray. The demolished interior surfaces required extensive repair. Unless you had the ability to do the work yourself it meant that even more contractors would be traipsing through your property for weeks on end. Not to mention the additional labor and materials expense of having the demolition work repaired.

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When all was said and done a small water leak ended up leading to a large, expensive mess. In these current times technology has replaced demolition as the go to method in the plumbing industry. Thanks to a far more modern process it is no longer such a hassle to have your water pipes repaired. The stress, mess, and tremendous expense are a thing of the past. Water pipe repair and lining in Germantown, Maryland is by far the best way to have these essential pipes fixed, but what is it and how does it work? The following information will answer those questions for you.

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Water pipe repair and lining is a technologically advanced approach that fixes leaks, holes, and breaks in copper water pipes in the most efficient way possible. Instead of demolish interior surface areas in order to reach the water pipe only a small access point is required. A high-tech machine applies a wet epoxy resin through this small access point. The epoxy resin systematically lines all interior surfaces of the copper water pipe. The epoxy resin is left to cure in place for two to three hours.

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Once it fully hardens a lining is formed that effectively seals the copper pipe. The seal fixes any current leaks, and prevents future leaks from occurring. In addition, the lining fully protects the water flowing within it from any and all leaching materials such as lead. You may not be aware of the fact that lead was used in the solder that attached copper pipes together up until it was outlawed in 1986. If your water pipes are over thirty years old and have never been replaced than there could be trace amounts of lead in your water. In this case you should absolutely consider water pipe lining even if the pipes are not currently leaking.

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