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Germantown, Maryland Water Main Investigation

A water main investigation in Germantown, Maryland is a non-invasive inspection. It is performed by a qualified plumbing contractor in order to determine the condition of the pipes that feed water from the street to your residential, commercial, or industrial building. Based on the comprehensive results of the inspection, the technician will be able to determine if the water main is in good shape or further action should take place.

Often times the water main deteriorates faster than other plumbing system pipes. This is due to the high pressure of the water that is flowing through them so it should come as no surprise if your water main needs repair before the sewer pipeline or your copper water pipes. It goes without saying that keeping the water main in good working order is an essential piece of the property maintenance puzzle.

If property owners fail to have this simple task executed on a regular basis it will absolutely lead to tremendous problems down the road. At that point it is not a matter of if problems with the water main will cause devastating damage to your property, it is a matter of when. Why take chances when there is an extremely affordable solution that will save you a ton of headaches in the future? So without further ado, here are the top three reasons why you should have a water main investigation on a yearly basis.

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1: A Water Main Investigation Will End Up Saving You Money

Do you know how expensive a water main failure actually is? The good news is that if you follow our advice than chances are likely that you will never need to find out exactly how much it costs. We will say that when the water main breaks it causes major flooding that inflicts great damage to your property. The water main itself is extremely pricey to repair, and so is the damage to both the interior and exterior of your property. When you have yearly water main inspections done the plumbing technician can discover problems before they turn into complete system failures. Small problems are easy to fix, and the discovery of larger issues will cost significantly less to repair prior to disaster striking.

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2: A Water Main Investigation Will End Up Saving You Down Time

Thanks to the invention of trenchless sewer pipe lining and bursting technology it actually takes a day or two at the most to completely fix major problems with the water main. However, it is important to have these repairs made prior to the system failing. Otherwise the resulting damage will actually take longer to fix than the water main itself. On average a qualified trenchless plumbing contractor is able to fully repair the water main in as little as one day from start to finish.

That being said, it can take construction companies weeks to fix the interior and exterior damage that the flood caused. During this repair time the property may not be operational. For example if a water main failure and resulting flood occurs at your home than chances are you will need to vacate the property for weeks on end until the damage is fixed.

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3: A Water Main Investigation Will Provide You With Peace Of Mind

Now that you are fully aware of the hazards of a water main failure a yearly inspection should provide you with the piece of mind of knowing that it will not happen to you. You can sleep soundly at night because any problems discovered by the technologically advanced video camera inspection can be dealt with immediately. SPT Plumbing, a leader in the high-tech video camera water main inspection industry is proud to provide our valued customers with piece of mind. Please contact us today to schedule a water main investigation, or for all of your other plumbing related needs. We look forward to working with you.

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