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Germantown, Maryland Vent Stack Lining

The vent stack is a key component in your sewage system that has two basic functions that are equally important. The first is to filter noxious gases away from residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The second purpose is to control the flow of raw sewage, waste materials, and wastewater so they can exit the building and enter into the underground sewer pipeline. In most structures the vent stack begins at the lowest elevation, such as the basement or first floor.

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The pipe runs inside of the walls through each story of the building and exits out of the roof. In essence vent stacks are used to vent sewer gas, and to create an air supply that allows the toilets and drains that are located throughout the property to operate correctly. For example flushing the toilet or draining a sink, shower, or tub without the vent stack is like opening a can of your favorite carbonated beverage upside down. In order to pour the liquid out in a non-sporadic manner you must open the can first and then turn it upside down.

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This process allows for the infiltration of air, and air controls the proper flow of liquid. Otherwise you will have a huge mess on your hands as sticky soda spills everywhere. The vent stack operates in the same way. When air enters into the plumbing system the liquids and solids are able to drain easily and in a rapid manner. Many of the plumbing problems that occur in buildings are directly related to the vent stack. If the pipe cracks, clogs or breaks it will obviously fail to function correctly.

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Failures in the vent stack cause tremendous problems to the system. First, the sewage gas cannot filter through the pipe and exit through the roof where it harmlessly absorbs into the atmosphere. Second, the wastewater, waste materials, and raw sewage cannot properly flow out of the property. Both scenarios cause backups in the system. That means that anyone working or residing in the property may be exposed to raw sewage and sewage gas. Both are extremely toxic and cause health problems to people and pets.

The good news is that vent stack lining in Germantown, Maryland is a technologically advanced technique that sophisticated plumbing contractors use to save their customers both time and money. Unlike the outdated demolition method that far too many plumbers still employ it does not require the removal of walls, floors, and ceilings in order to reach the stack pipe for repair. Instead a small access point is created in order to gain access to the pipe. From there a high tech machine is used to apply an epoxy resin that entirely coats all interior surface areas of the existing vent stack.

When the epoxy resin cures in place it forms a liner that effectively fixes and seals any and all breaks, cracks, or leaks. Vent stack lining is the ultimate solution to an all too common problem. Without vent stacks there certainly would not be indoor plumbing. Fixing them properly no longer needs to be an all-encompassing undertaking. SPT Pluming specializes in vent stack lining along with many other high-tech plumbing procedures. Please contact us for a free consultation and estimate for all of your plumbing needs.

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