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Germantown, Maryland Trenchless Sewer Repair

Germantown is home to many known businesses like ‘Giant Food’, ‘Best Buy’, and ‘Shoppers Food & Pharmacy’. Some government organizations have also established offices there like the US Department of Energy and the US Atomic Energy Commission.

These commercial and municipal establishments need to keep up their sewer systems as much as residential homes do. Without proper maintenance, the sewer system can cause a big problem for people living or using the building and those around it.

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Understanding the Sewer System

At Specialized Pipe Technologies, we want to educate our clients how the sewer system works to help them get a better understanding of why they need to maintain theirs at home or in their business locations. We understand the sewer system better than our clients because we have been contributing to the maintenance of our community since the early 1990s.

Some of the things we know about the sewer system are:

  • It is divided into two types – one system for wastes and the second for rainwater or stormwater.
  • The wastewater system goes through a process of treatment before it goes back to rivers or the sea.
  • Stormwaters are caught through a basin and then it flows right back to the river or ocean as it does not need treatment.
  • The stormwater classification includes rainwater and snow that turns into water when they melt or let us call it ‘ice water’.

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Common Problems in the Sewer System

The three most common problems our clients encounter when it comes to their sewer lines are:


Blockages happen when there is buildup in the sewer pipe. Buildups are often caused by grease and objects flushed into the drains and are not screened by a drain gate. Drain block problems sometimes do not show right away. It often takes time for the buildups to grow enough to block air and water flow through the pipes.

Damaged Sewer Pipes

Damaged sewer pipes are sometimes due to aged pipes or tree roots reaching the sewer lines. They can also be caused by chemicals poured into the drains or by changes in temperature like extreme heat in summer and coldness in winter.


Leaks in the drain system happen when the seals of the pipes are broken. We often find that seals get broken because the pipes are corroded and the sealants cannot stick any longer. Sometimes they also get broken if the sealants used are of poor quality.

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Our Maintenance and Repair Services

To help our clients maintain their sewer systems, we offer three main services: Pipe Inspections, Pipe Cleaning, and Pipe Rehabilitation.

Using our pipe inspection service, our clients will get a better understanding of what is going on inside their sewer pipes. Once our investigation is done, speculations of damage or blockage will be resolved, making it possible for our clients to decide on the next steps to take.

Sometimes, our investigation will show that pipes need cleaning. Our sewer pipe cleaning service does not need digging using heavy equipment. We use the new technology called a hydro-jetter to clear sewer pipes of potential blockages.

Finally, our sewer rehabilitation—or repair—we recommend our trenchless pipe rehabilitation. This does not require digging of an entire property to replace a damaged or corroded pipe. We use our trenchless technology to insert and create a new pipe within the old pipe to solve the problem.

Great Pipes for Germantown

Germantown is a place of business and a community where families can build homes together. Therefore, we recommend the best services when it comes to home and property maintenance, specifically, the upkeep of sewer systems.

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