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Germantown, Maryland Sewer Repair

On Monday, July 24, an EF2 tornado touched down on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. With wind speeds reaching up to 125 miles per hour, the storm demolished trees, damaged homes, and left thousands without power. With the tornado came heavy rain, including nearly 7 inches in New Castle County, Delaware.

Maryland officials say that their team worked into the night helping to clean up communities that were affected by the tornado. While their teams were cleaning up debris in the streets, however, homeowners are left to fend for themselves when it comes to their damaged plumbing system.

The extreme weather can cause extreme plumbing problems for your family or business. Broken pipes from an excess of water and the buildup of debris can cause slow drainage. When a storm drain suffers from partial or complete blockage, the water gets trapped in the pipes, causing it to spill over into your basement or other areas of your home.

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Warning Signs of Sewer Damage

If you are in Germantown, Maryland, you need to be prepared for the damages tornados and other severe weather can cause to your sewage system. Even if your home wasn’t damaged by the storm, repeated wear from inclement weather can cause your pipes to crack and leak.

If you wait until your pipes have burst, you will dealing with the cleanup of sewage and backed up water into your home and yard. Don’t wait until it’s too late, learn the warning signs that your sewer is in need of repair. For instance, if you notice foul odors permeating your home, that is a sign that either raw sewage has escaped your septic tank or there is a moisture buildup from a leak in your pipes that is forming mold.

Patches of darker green grass around your yard can also be a sign that you have a sewage leak. In addition, if you notice your pipes are draining slowly that could point to a problem in either your pipes or septic tank. Finally, if you hear pipe gurgling noises, that may be an indication your tank is full and needs pumping.

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How to Fix Sewer Damage

If you detect any of these symptoms, don’t call a plumber with outdated methodology. In the past, if your sewer pipes were damaged you would need to tear up the yard and spend weeks on repairs.

At Specialized Pipe Technologies, however, that’s not the case. We use a revolutionary trenchless plumbing system that does not require digging up the yard or damaging your property.

First, we pinpoint the leak or corrosion and then dry the pipes with compressed air to remove rust, corrosion and moisture. The cleaned pipe is then filled with an epoxy coating that adheres to the existing pipe’s internal surface. Once the epoxy coating is cured, Specialized Pipe Technologies performs a final leak inspection to ensure quality.

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We have been the trusted plumbing service to call for trenchless, no-dig services since the 90s. Contact us to see how Specialized Pipe Technologies can keep your sewer repair affordable and effective.

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