Pipe Inspection Germantown, MD

pipe drain cleaning Germantown Maryland

Pipe Inspection Germantown, Maryland

Plumbing got you down? Slow draining sinks, showers, and toilets can make for a rude awakening. Your indoor plumbing is put through more stress than any other part of the house. Slow drains are a symptom of a larger problem, usually involving clogged and broken pipes. It is important to thoroughly examine your plumbing in order to understand the extent of damage and the steps needed to rectify issues.

Inspections Done Right

Pipes are usually hidden beneath floors and behind walls: visually inspecting each one is next to impossible. However, there are tools and trained professionals that have the abilities to not only look inside your pipes but assess problems and how to fix them. Here at SPT, we pride ourselves in our professionalism and expert abilities. Located in Germantown, we are your area’s premier plumbing company.

Video Technology

Plumbing inspections generally take 1-2 hours, depending on the size of your home and the extent of the inspection. Our primary tool used is a small camera attached to a long cord which can be snaked through your pipes.

sewer camera inspection Germantown Maryland

Our video inspection equipment is state of the art and can be used on storm piping, sewer piping, water piping, mechanical piping, even pipes as small as 1.5 inches in diameter: there is no part of your property that will be overlooked.

We are searching for the causes of the poor drainage and leaks, our professionals have years of experience, using their knowledge to understand precisely what to look for. Common problems include blockages, roots, and even small mammal damage. Although unsightly and maybe even smelly, we have tools that can be used to clean out your pipes using high pressure water.

Germantown Maryland camera inspections spt

Other causes of concern are cracks, leaks, and general deterioration of the plumbing. This type of wear and tear is completely normal, it usually shows a well used property.

Allowing pipes to continue leaking into the soil contaminates water and can spread disease. We recommend immediate repair when these problems arise, especially when involving your sewer line. And not to worry, replacing and fixing problem pipes is our specialty.

Saving You Money

By pinpointing exactly where damage is and what the problem is, STP ensures the most efficient repair job in the area. Unlike some other guys, our in depth analysis of your property means we are not going to recommend extraneous work. Because we live in Germantown as well, our mission is to provide the best work for an affordable price. By using a camera, everything we see is transparent, you can even look at the problem yourself. There are no secrets involved with our work, only problem solving.

Germantown Maryland video inspect pipe

Get Your Pipes Inspected

By taking care of your pipes, not only are you investing in your property but the future of the neighborhood as well. Difficult drains, cracked pipes, and distracting smells usually point to a systemic issue inside your home. By relying on STP, our team of professionals will get your pipes running better than new.

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