The Importance Of Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings in Germantown, MD

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Germantown, Maryland Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings

According to the State of Maryland properties that were constructed prior to 1986 are likely to have either lead water pipes or copper pipes that contain lead components. When lead was originally used in water systems it seemed like a great idea. The material is soft enough to be formed into various shapes that allow for efficient water flow, yet durable enough to resist the pinhole leaks that plague metal pipes. As the years went by scientists discovered that lead from the water pipes leached directly into the drinking water. The side effects of this cause serious health issues to anyone drinking the water. On average, residents of Germantown, Maryland drink close to a half-gallon of water on a daily basis.

If that water is coming directly from the tap than the prospect of lead poisoning should be a real concern. This holds especially true if children six years of age or under live at your residence or investment property. They can experience delays in both physical and mental growth, along with learning disabilities that will negatively affect them for the rest of their lives. Although ingesting lead has less of an impact on adults it can still cause high blood pressure, and other medical problems such as kidney disease. Needless to say you should avoid lead water pipes and lead water pipe components at all costs.

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Your initial reaction after hearing this news might be to have a brand new water pipe system installed at your property. That certainly is one solution, however it is extremely disruptive, time consuming, and expensive. Depending on the size of your property new copper water pipes can be well over $15,000 plus the cost of repairing the damaged walls, floors, and ceilings that were destroyed in order to access the old water pipes. Up until 10-15 years ago that was only way for plumbing contractors to deal with the issue. Although many companies still incorporate the use of this outdated method there is a system that is far superior.

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Nu Line epoxy barrier coatings in Germantown, Maryland is a modern solution that blocks lead and any other contaminant from leaching into your drinking water. The process does not require the removal and replacement of existing water pipes. A qualified Nu Line installer, such as SPT Pipe simply maps the entire network of water pipes at your property. Next the inside of the pipes are systematically cleaned, and sand blasted in order to create a surface that is suitable to accept the barrier coating material. Once that is achieved a specifically formulated, two-part red epoxy mix is blown through the network of water pipes with forced air. The epoxy completely lines all interior surfaces of the water pipe network.

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Once it cures in place the epoxy forms a lining or barrier that fully protects the drinking water. The epoxy lining is one hundred-percent safe, and has a life expectancy of well over one hundred years. When SPT Pipe installs Nu Line epoxy barrier coatings property owners never need to worry about lead again. As an added bonus Nu Line also permanently seals any pinhole leaks, breaks, or cracks within the pipes. SPT Pipe is an authorized Nu Line epoxy barrier coatings installer, and a leader in the trenchless pipe lining industry. We have been proudly serving customers since our company was founded in 1996.

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