Drain Cleaning Silver Spring, MD

Silver Spring MD Drain Cleaning

Silver Spring, Maryland Drain Cleaning

For residents of Silver Spring, your plumbing may be rather old and, as a result, can be deteriorating underneath your yard. One way to find out is with our drain cleaning service. At SPT Pipe that is one of the many services we provide with trenchless technologies.

sewer camera inspection Silver Spring MD

How We Examine The Underground Pipe

Before we can begin to clean a drain pipe, we need to first see what we are dealing with. Because we use trenchless technology, we do not excavate to examine or replace pipes. What we do instead is conduct a sewer camera inspection. The inspection requires that we dig a small hole down to one of the connection points between the lateral pipe and the building service or service to the mainline. The connections are removed and we insert our sewer camera system.

Silver Spring MD camera inspections spt

How The Sewer Camera System Works

The tiny video camera that we insert into the lateral pipe sends a closed-circuit video feed to a technician on site. This allows us to examine closely what is in the sewer pipe without having to dig it up. The quality of the camera feed is so good that we can identify anything from a clog to a break in the line, cracks, and leaks as well. It is from the information we gather from the camera inspection that we diagnose the situation. Plus, the tiny camera can be moved up or down the pipe in order for us to get a good look at the entire interior of the pipe.

Silver Spring MD video inspect pipe

How We Use Trenchless Technologies

After the drain cleaning service, our next step is to remove the camera and insert our hydro jetting equipment. This is a high pressure water hose with nozzle that allows us to blast water through the pipe. It cleans the interior by removing all kinds of buildup from grease, organic material, and can even cut through a tree root. After the hydro jetting is completed, the drain cleaning process is complete. It involves no digging or removal of pipes.

Sometimes We Find Something Else In The Pipe

Because the sewer camera provides such a high quality feed, we can spot such problems in your lateral pipe as a break, a cave in, cracks, and even small leaks. If we discover any of these issues, we have the trenchless technology available to fix the problem immediately.

The Benefits Of Trenchless Drain Cleaning

If we find nothing further inside your lateral pipe, then we will discuss a regular drain cleaning program. When you have your drains cleaned on a regular basis, the chances of a clog developing are far less. Plus, with the video inspection we can monitor the condition of the inside of your sewer line and compare results from one visit to another. This allows us the ability to spot something long before it can cause serious damage to your plumbing system. Because it is all trenchless there is no damage to your property.

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