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Columbia, Maryland Vent Stack Lining

Although most people are aware that there is a network of sewage pipes that run underground on their property, many residential, commercial, and industrial real estate owners have absolutely no idea what a vent stack is. They simply do not know that it exists, let alone that the vent stack plays an extremely important role in the removal of raw sewage, sewage gas, and wastewater from their structures. It must be noted that many of the problems associated with the sewer line are actually caused by breakdowns within the vent stack. We will certainly examine the best way to fix these problems, but it is necessary to learn exactly what the vent stack is, where it is located, and what it actually does.

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What is a Vent Stack?

A vent stack is a pipe that is laid out from the lowest level of a property to the highest. For example, it runs from either the basement or first floor if the building is built on a slab, all the way through the entire structure where it exists at the highest point of the roof. All of the plumbing fixtures such as toilets, water faucets, and drains tie into this pipe. Vent stacks are not visible because they are typically located inside of walls, floors, and ceilings. Building materials such as drywall, plaster and or wood trim hide them from plain sight.

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What Does the Vent Stack Do?

There are two main purposes or functions of the vent stack lining, and they are both equally important. The first function is to regulate the flow of raw sewage and wastewater from the property out into the sewer line where it is distributed to the city or town’s main sewer line, or a septic tank buried somewhere on the property. The vent stack goes into action as soon as the toilets are flushed or water from the sink, shower, or tub starts flowing down the drain. The second function is to regulate the release of sewage gas, which is formed as a side effect of the waste materials. The sewage gas travels up the pipe and then exists from the roof where it harmlessly dissipates into the atmosphere.

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What Happens if The Vent Stack is Not Functioning Correctly?

If the vent stack is not functioning correctly a few unpleasant things may occur. Raw sewage will begin to flow backward instead of forwards. Instead of exiting the property and entering into the sewage pipeline it will back up and flow through the toilets, water faucets, and drains. When the sewage gad cannot travel up the pipe it ends up invading the house or building as well. Both situations are extremely dangerous. Exposure to raw sewage and sewage gas is known to cause illness. For example, raw sewage contains harmful bacteria and even transmits diseases. Sewage gas contains toxic elements that are dangerous to breathe.

What is Vent Stack Lining?

Vent stack lining in Columbia, Maryland is a non-invasive procedure that does not require the removal or demolition of interior surfaces. Instead, the pipe is passed through a small access hole. A specialized machine is used to thoroughly coat the interior surface areas of the existing vent stack with a wet epoxy material. It takes the epoxy approximately 2-3 hours to dry in place. Once it cures, an extremely strong lining is formed. Any leaks, cracks, or breaks in the system are instantly fixed. The new vent stack lining can be installed within a day, and will last for fifty plus years.

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