Why Don’t All Plumbers Use Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining In Columbia, Maryland?

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Columbia, Maryland Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

Is there anything worse for property owners than a broken sewer pipe? Unfortunately the answer is a resounding yes. Having to destroy your landscaping, dig up your driveway, or tear apart your parking lot only makes the process more unbearable. If we were to inform you that there is a much better solution, one in which you could avoid the side effects as listed above you would not only pay careful attention chances are you would thank us for it. The good news for all parties involved is that we are not only willing to make that bold statement; we are able to back it up as well.

Trenchless sewer pipe lining in Columbia, Maryland is a high-tech method that allows plumbing contractors to repair the sewer line for less money, in less time, and in a manner that will last for a lot longer. Before we go any further we do need to step back for a minute or two. Since the dawn of humankind people have been utilizing technology to make life better. It just doesn’t make sense that the construction industry, particularly plumbing contractors are so slow to adopt the newest technology in order to make their jobs easier, and in turn help their customers save both time and money.

It seems that far too many plumbing companies continue to hold onto the same techniques that literally have been used since the wrench was invented. Fortunately a few companies, such as SPT Pipe had the insight to realize that being an early technology adopter would not only be good for the bottom line it is good for customers as well. So the question remains, why don’t all plumbers use trenchless sewer pipe lining technology in order to help make life better for their customers? Let’s explore the reasons shall we.

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Many Plumbing Companies are Afraid of Change

Plumbers have been doing the excavation method for a long time now. It requires the use of excavation equipment to dig up a large area around the problematic spot in the sewer pipeline in order to expose it for repair. The excavation literally destroys everything located near the sewer pipe. It is an invasive, time consuming, and extremely expensive procedure. The bottom line here is do not allow plumbers to convince you that the excavation method is better just because they are afraid to make a change. There are absolutely zero benefits to it.

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Many Plumbing Companies Have Already Invested in Expensive Excavation Equipment

Excavation equipment is an expensive capital expenditure. Far too many plumbing companies simply are not willing to let this equipment sit idly by or sell it for pennies on the dollar. So instead they use it. The bottom line is do not allow a plumbing company to convince you that the excavation method is better simply because they want to make use of their expensive equipment.

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Many Plumbing Companies Do Not Have The Resources or Patience To Adopt a New Technology

In order to correctly and safely install trenchless sewer pipe lining, companies such as SPT Pipe must make an investment in new equipment and extensive staff training. It is crucial that all field technicians are knowledgeable in the entire process. For example, trenchless pipe lining only works with existing sewer pipes that are in decent condition. If it is beyond repair, SPT Pipe offers alternative solutions to solve the problem.

Sewer pipe lining does not require any excavation. Instead a small access hole is dug in the ground at one end of the sewer line. A wet epoxy material is applied to the interior surfaces of the existing pipe. The epoxy cures in place within a few hours and in essence forms a pipe within a pipe that fixes all existing problems. The new epoxy pipe will last for upwards of fifty years. Trenchless sewer pipe lining can be completed within one to two days, and costs less than half of the traditional excavation method.

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