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Columbia, Maryland Sewer Repair

When it is time for sewer repair in Columbia you can call us at SPT Pipe. We will visit your property, assess the situation, and get your sewer line fixed as quickly as possible. Although that may sound like some kind of sales pitch, the truth is that we use trenchless technologies for all our sewer repair work.

Don’t know what trenchless technology is? Well, let us explain in a few easy steps.

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The Problem

Let’s say your drains are not working like they used to. They are slow to empty and sometimes you can smell a bad odor. Other times the water pools in the sink, sometimes in the shower or tub. It’s annoying and it’s a sign of something wrong with your sewer drains. That’s when you call us for an inspection.

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The Diagnosis

Our professional plumbers will visit your home or business and conduct a pipe inspection. If the cause of the problem is not easy to see, we will dig a hole to the connection location where your sewer pipe connects with the line that runs into your building. We do not dig up your whole yard or the pipe.

Columbia Maryland video inspect pipe

The Camera

Once we get access to the pipe connection, we insert a tiny camera. It allows us to look inside the pipe and see exactly what the problem is. It could be a break from a tree root, a crack or two from ground settling, or a leak that has developed over time. There are a lot of possibilities but because the line is underground, we can only properly identify the issue with a look inside the pipe.

The Repair

The trenchless part of the job continues at this point. If we determine your repair can be done with a liner, we will send one through the existing pipe and once it cures in place, the repair is done. Pipe bursting is another option that can be performed without removing the existing pipe.

The Benefits

Trenchless technology is easy on the environment as well as easy on your wallet. It’s also faster and can often be done within hours without disrupting your water service. Plus, the trenchless repairs will last for several decades, which means you may never have to repair that sewer pipe again.

The Extras

Trenchless technology is kind to the environment, which means that we will not be digging up your yard or damaging it with several pieces of heavy equipment. With trenchless repairs your cost is a fraction of what it would be with a traditional dig and replace kind of sewer pipe repair.

Sewer Repair Columbia

So if you have the warning signs that could indicate a problem with your sewer line, call us at SPT Pipe. Schedule an appointment and we will send a crew to your home or business to check out your drainage and sewer lines. The number to call is 800-849-4610.

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