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Columbia Maryland Roof Drain Lining

Trenchless sewer pipe lining has become more popular than ever with property owners in the Columbia, Maryland area. This technologically advanced method is considerably more affordable, takes a lot less time, and is a virtually non-invasive procedure that does not cause as much destruction to the property as traditional methods. Many people now realize that going trenchless is the best way to repair or replace existing sewer lines and potable water pipes.

However, most residential and commercial real estate owners are unaware of the fact that roof drain lining in Columbia, Maryland is the best way to have their vertical pipes fixed as well. Typically, severe corrosion tends to set into old cast iron roof drain pipes within two to three decades. The deterioration then leads to leaks that cause a tremendous amount of property damage. Roof drain lining is an affordable, long-lasting solution that reverses the aging process. So how does this technologically advanced method work?

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How Does Roof Drain Lining Work?

Roof drain lining is a clever way of refurbishing old pipes. It makes the existing drainpipes stronger, and longer lasting without the need to remove and replace them. Since the existing pipe is incorporated into the process there is no need to rely on expensive and time-consuming ground excavation, or demolition to the interior or exterior of the property. Instead, the damaged roof drainpipes are accessed through a small entry point. From there a machine is used to spray a wet epoxy resin to line the interior surfaces of the pipe.

It only takes a few hours for the wet epoxy resin to dry. Once the material cures in place a liner is formed that effectively seals all blisters, breaks, bubbles, cracks, and leaks that were previously located within the existing roof drain pipe. The process not only fixes all the problems, it makes the drain pipes stronger than when they were brand new. Since the liner only results in a three to five percent reduction of the pipes original diameter it does not negatively affect the water flow.

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Why Does SPT Pipe Prefer Roof Drain Lining Over Other Methods?

The benefits of vertical roof drain lining are similar to those of underground trenchless pipe drain lining. By incorporating the use of technologically advanced plumbing methods into our business we are able to provide our residential and commercial customers with a value-added product and service. Roof drain lining is less than half of the cost of replacing your home or commercial property’s vast network of drain pipes. We truly enjoy saving our customers a considerable amount of money.

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Roof drain lining is significantly faster than pipe replacement. We can complete the entire job from start to finish in as little as one day. At SPT Pipe, our goal is to get your property back up and running as soon as possible. The new epoxy liner is guaranteed to last for a minimum of fifty years. Once we complete the job you will never need to worry about it again. SPT Pipe is an industry leader in trenchless pipe technology. Please contact us today for a free evaluation and consultation. We look forward to working with you.

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