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The only time homeowners search for pipe inspection online is when their drains have started acting up. After much trial and error, they realize those drain cleaners aren’t quite effective. Nor are the DIY videos and remedies. So, what’s the problem? No one can tell you the answer to that correctly without a pipe inspection.

We at SPT Pipe offer pipe inspection, repair and maintenance services for residents of Columbia, Maryland and for industries located in the vicinity. We have been offering pipe inspection and repairs for over 40 years. Our team of plumbers and engineers provide highly specialized pipe inspection surveys.

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Inspection of Pipes Using a High-Resolution Camera

We have a wide range of camera systems available with us depending on the application. In its simplest form, the camera system comprises the camera, a flexible push cable, and a display

A high-resolution camera which is firmly attached to the end of a flexible pipe is inserted and pushed into the pipe to be inspected. The camera is detachable from the flexible push pipe. Our technicians use a number of different sized cameras during the pipe inspection, depending on the diameter and size of the pipe. The resolution of the video is also kept in mind.

Our plumbers start by mounting the camera, push pipe and display on a portable trolley. The push pipe coil assembly varies in size depending on the application. Once the camera enters the pipe, our plumbers can immediately pinpoint the problem source.

The camera is inserted into the pipe to be inspected and pushed down the length of the pipe. The camera has a built-in radio transmitter to transmit signals back from the camera to a small handheld or stand mounted display. We can clearly observe the extent of damaged pipe and also determine its exact location

After the initial pipe inspection, our plumbers clean out the pipes using a high-pressure fluid. This flushes out all the sludge and other material which could obstruct the inspection process. After the initial cleaning phase, the second stage of repair is inspection of the extent and location of the damaged pipe sections. This is done to eliminate future drain and pipe issues.

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Industrial Pipeline Inspection

Industrial pipelines for transportation of fluids over larger distances require more sophisticated inspection systems. In this case, we employ sonar and laser techniques. Multiple sensors mounted on the camera head measure various parameters of the inspected pipe.

In a single pass, the inspection collects such important information as pipe thickness, ovality, debris level, lateral location and damage location without the need for flow interruption or diversion.

Columbia Maryland video inspect pipe

Pipe Sizes for Inspection

Our company can inspect a wide range of pipe diameters. Our high-resolution cameras can inspect pipes as small as 13mm or ½ inch. There is no limit to the maximum diameter of the pipe. The maximum length of pipe that we inspect is 200 meters or 600 feet. We cover sizes of almost all domestic and industrial pipes.

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If you live in Columbia, Maryland area please do not hesitate to contact SPT Pipe for your pipe inspection. Remember we are just a call away to attend to your emergent and normal pipe inspection and repair needs.

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