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Columbia Maryland Epoxy Barrier Coatings

Columbia, Maryland Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings

Lead is a major health risk that affects drinking water in most parts of the country, including the greater Columbia, Maryland area. The interesting thing is that most of these unnecessary problems are not caused by the actual water supply, but the water pipes located in our residential, commercial, and industrial buildings that are the culprit. At this point you are probably thinking “how could that possibly be true since the installation of lead water pipes was outlawed nearly one hundred years ago?” In addition, countless property owners replaced their lead pipes with the copper version years ago when it became common knowledge that lead is poisonous.

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The answer is a simple one, although it is hard to imagine. Up until the 1980’s lead was still a major component in every copper water pipe that was either installed or replaced in the United States. You may be asking yourself, “how could that have possibly happened?” It was because of the lead solder that was used to attach one copper pipe to the next. Since the lead solder is on the outside of the water pipes the perception was that lead had absolutely no way of leaching into the water. Unfortunately nothing could be farther from the truth. The moral of this story is a simple one.

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If you own a property with water pipes that were installed prior to 1986, chances are there are trace amounts of lead in your water. Over time this will negatively affect anyone that is using that water, even if they are not drinking it. Lead absorbs through the skin, so something as simple as hand washing can be extremely unhealthy. You are unknowingly exposing your family, friends, tenants, and yourself to lead poisoning. Before you hit the panic button it is important to understand your options. Ignoring the problem is obviously not one of them. You can either completely replace all of the water pipes or line the existing ones.

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Replacing the pipes is a tremendous undertaking that is not only costly, it is also time consuming. The old pipes must be removed and replaced with new ones. These days copper is considered a semi-precious metal and therefore it is very expensive. On top of the fact that it takes a lot of labor to reach the water pipes since they are covered by walls, floors, and ceilings. Once the demolition and replacement work is complete it costs additional money to repair the affected interior surfaces. On the other hand, pipe lining is a far less invasive process. It only requires a small access point in order to reach the water pipes.

A high-tech machine is used to spray an epoxy coating on the interior surfaces of the water pipes. The epoxy cures in place to form a lining that in essence blocks any lead from leaching into the water. It also prevents breaks, cracks, and holes in the water pipe that cause damaging leaks. As a society we must learn from our past mistakes in order to avoid them in both the present and future. It is crucial that you only hire a plumbing contractor that uses the best lining materials and installation equipment available on the market.

For example, SPT Pipe is licensed to install Nu Line epoxy barrier coatings in Columbia, Maryland. Nu Line is the world’s most comprehensive potable water pipe lining system. It took a team of scientists over 7,000 hours of research and development to perfect it. In addition to being the best, Nu Line is a cost effective solution that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

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