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Don’t be fooled by the horribly-named pinhole leak. Here at Specialized Pipe Technologies, we want to inform our customers in the Sarasota Florida area of the dangers of being misinformed about this serious issue.

If one were to guess, it sounds as though a pinhole leak is a very small intrusion in a pipe that is the size of a pin and is causing a leak somewhere. Being the size of a pin, it is thought to be a very minimal to nonexistent leak, which can wait to be fixed as this is no major issue and we can “get to it when we get a chance” or simply “patch it up and move on.”

Well, this is half right. A pinhole leak is indeed defined as a leak in a pipe that is the size of a pin’s head. But what is completely wrong about the common perception is the fact that this is not a major issue. This is, in fact, one of the worst issues that you can have and it is very easy to miss.

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Pinhole leaks are small but mighty, and that’s definitely not a good thing when it comes to your pipes. For one, the small hole allows water to escape, which is, of course, a leak. No matter how big or small, a leak in a pipe is not a good thing. And even worse, the leaks usually go unnoticed for extended periods of time because they occur in places that cannot be seen on the surface. This is one of the main reasons such a tiny leak can lead to such big issues. Water that builds up and lays for extended periods of time will begin to cause damage to the surfaces. Damage to drywall is a big one. Your beautiful wooden floors could suffer warping from long-term leaks. And, of course, mold build up could come from sitting water; something that is not only damaging to the materials that it is affecting, but also dangerous to the health of those exposed to it.

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Now that you know how destructive pinhole leaks can be and how important it is to find and fix them – how do you locate them? The best, most accurate way to ensure that you do or do not have any pinhole leaks is to call the professionals at Specialized Pipe Technologies. We are able to do more than just inspect your Sarasota Florida home and look for noticeable leaks or damage. Instead, we can go straight to the source and do internal examinations of your pipes with sewer camera inspections.

There is no leak or issue so big, or in this case so small, that our professionals at Specialized Pipe Technologies can’t locate and fix. If you live in the Sarasota area and want to avoid this small but very risky problem, give us a call us at 855-960-5393.

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