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Top 3 Reasons Why Water Pipe Lining is the Best Way to Have Those Leaking Pipes Fixed Once and For All

Water pipe leaks are an unfortunate situation that can occur on any property at any time. This is particularly true if you own an older home or piece of investment real estate. Although some old school plumbers will suggest that the best way to fix the problem is to remove and replace the old pipes, there happens to be a far better solution that is just as permanent. Many consumers have been choosing water pipe repair and lining in Baltimore, Maryland as of late. However, it certainly is important that you know the reasons why it is a superior way to solve a common problem. Here are the top 3 reasons why water pipe lining and repairing is the best way to have those leaking pipes fixed once and for all.

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1: Water Pipe Lining is the Most Affordable Option

Completely replacing your water pipes is an extremely expensive option that permanently fixes the problem. Repairing your water pipes is less expensive than replacing them, however it only provides a temporary fix. Water pipe lining combines the best of both worlds. It fixes the pipes for the long haul at a price that is far more affordable than replacing them. In fact, water pipe lining is approximately half the cost of water pipe replacement.

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2: Water Pipe Lining is a Permanent Solution

Water pipe lining provides property owners with a permanent solution. An epoxy liner is applied to the interior surfaces of the existing pipe. The epoxy material cures in place within a few hours to form a brand new pipe within the old one. The new pipe is a super strong barrier that will not corrode. Since it lasts for approximately fifty years, you will not need to worry about leaks for a very long time. In addition, the new epoxy pipe protects your water source from lead and other nasty things that tend to leach into the system. The epoxy itself is completely safe. It is specially formulated to stay on the pipes and will not leach into the water.

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3: Water Pipe Lining Saves Time

Replacing the old water pipes with new ones certainly takes a lot of time. Water pipes are generally hidden in walls, and ceilings or floors. In order to expose the existing pipes an extensive amount of demolition must be performed. That means that the interior walls and ceilings or floors need to be removed wherever the water pipe line is located. It requires a tremendous amount of work, which of course leads to an incredible amount of time to complete the job.

Your property will be turned upside down during the process. Plan on it taking a minimum of two weeks from start to finish. On the other hand water pipe lining is a non-invasive procedure that does not require any major demolition. The plumbing contractor will make a small access hole that is easily patched. When all is said and done it only takes a day or two at most on average to complete the project.

In conclusion water pipe lining is a permanent, cost effective, and timesavings solution that is perfectly safe to use in your home or investment property. SPT Plumbing specializes in water pipe lining in Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas. Please contact us today for a free consultation regarding all of your plumbing related needs.

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