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The Top Four Warning Signs That You Need a Water Main Investigation in Baltimore, Maryland

Most Baltimore property owners do not give much thought to the pipe that provides water to their home or investment real estate; otherwise known as the water main. As long as water comes flowing out of the faucet, there’s little to worry about, right? However, there is plenty to worry about, and it is important that you pay careful attention to the warning signs. They indicate the condition of the water main, and whether you need to have it inspected for serious problems. The following information will help you determine when it is time to contact SPT Pipe to perform a water main investigation in Baltimore, Maryland.

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1: Your Water Suddenly Looks Rusty

If your faucet, shower or tub water suddenly looks rusty, or your toilet water has a rust colored appearance after you flush, then chances are there is a major problem with the water main. This is more of an issue if it is happening during the use of both hot and cold water, and you see it happening with multiple plumbing appliances. If the city is working on the water line or fire hydrants on the street, rust and other sediments may temporarily appear in your water. However, it if does not disappear within a few hours or even a day or two at most, then contact an experienced water main inspection service like SPT Pipe.

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2: Your Water Pressure is Low

If your water pressure significantly decreases it is a sign that there may be something wrong with the water main. Typically, the water pressure is reduced when the water main is leaking or blocked. This is due to severe pipe corrosion caused by age. It is certainly not advised for property owners to diagnose any plumbing problems themselves. Instead, you should always rely on an expert’s opinion. If your water pressure is suddenly low for more than a few hours then contact an experienced water main inspection service like SPT Pipe.

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3: Your Yard or Grounds are Suddenly Soggy

If your yard or grounds are suddenly soggy it can be a sign that there is an issue with the water main. Wet spots and puddles typically appear when there are excessive rainstorms, a large amount of snowmelt, or there are sewage or water main leaks. So, if the sun has been shining and there has not been any snow on the ground, it is either the sewer or water line. Contact an experienced water main inspection service like SPT Pipe immediately.

4: Your Neighbors are Replacing Their Water Main

Typically speaking most properties that are in the same neighborhood or street are built around the same time. If your neighbor is having their water main replaced due to age chances are you will need it done soon. It is always a smart idea to contact an experienced water main inspection service like SPT Pipe in order to see the condition of your water main lines.

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