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Baltimore, Maryland Vent Stack Lining

Whether you own residential or commercial property in Baltimore, Maryland it seems like there are countless choices to make regarding building maintenance and repairs. Generally speaking, contractors have different opinions on how to go about these jobs that are based on what is best for them, not you. It can be frustrating and down right overwhelming, especially for property owners that are faced with making these decisions when a plumbing disaster strikes.

That is exactly why it is so important that you are fully aware of the most cost effective and time saving options ahead of time. This is especially true when it comes to the more expensive property repairs, such as problems with your plumbing system.

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What is a Vent Stack and What Does it Do?

Do you know what a vent stack is, let alone what it does? The vent stack is basically a pipe that runs all the way from the bottom of a building up through the roof. It has two main functions: the first is to regulate the flow of raw sewage and wastewater so it exits the property whenever someone flushes a toilet or turns on a shower/tub or faucet. The second function is to properly vent sewer gas, which is caused by the raw sewage, out of the property, and into the atmosphere where it harmlessly dissipates in the air.

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What Happens When The Vent Stack is Not Working Correctly?

If the vent stack is not working correctly, then raw sewage, wastewater, and sewer gas cannot properly exit the building. If the raw sewage and waste water cannot escape then it backs up the system and ends up flowing back through the toilets, faucets, showers/tubs, and drains. The sewer gas also backs up and enters the property. Exposure to raw sewage, wastewater, and sewer gas is tremendously unhealthy.

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Methods of Fixing the Vent Stack

1: The Traditional Method

The traditional method of fixing the vent stack requires exposing the pipe for repair or replacement. Since the vent stack is buried in walls, floors, and ceilings it requires demolition of those surfaces in order to reach the pipe. The traditional method is extremely expensive, time consuming, and messy.

2: Vent Stack Lining Vent stack lining does not require extensive demolition; instead it uses advanced technology to solve the problem. A small access hole is made, and a high-tech machine lines the interior surfaces of the existing vent stack with a wet epoxy material. The epoxy dries within hours and forms a lining that functions as a brand new pipe within the existing vent stack.

Advantages of Vent Stack Lining Over the Traditional Method

There are absolutely zero advantages to the traditional method. Plumbing contractors that still use it have not invested and or trained in the highly advanced vent stack lining technology. That being said there are significant advantages to vent stack lining as listed below.

  1. Vent stack lining is far more cost effective. Demolition is expensive, and replacing the walls, floors, and ceilings only adds to the cost.

  2. Vent stack lining is faster. It typically takes a qualified plumbing contractor one day to complete the job from start to finish.

  3. Vent stack lining lasts longer; upwards of fifty years.

  4. Vent stack lining requires very little cleanup. In essence your property will not be a mess during the job.


In conclusion, vent stack lining saves both time and money. It is longer lasting, and a much cleaner, less invasive procedure as well. SPT Pipe specializes in vent stack lining in the greater Baltimore area. We are proud to serve the community by using the most technologically advanced processes and procedures available. Please contact us at for a free consultation regarding all of your plumbing needs.

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