Why Dig When You Can Chose Trenchless Storm Drain Repairs In Baltimore, Maryland Instead?

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Baltimore, Maryland Trenchless Storm Drain Repairs In

If you are a Baltimore property owner that is having issues with your storm drainage system than we have some great news to share with you. Thanks to modern plumbing technology heavy-duty excavation equipment is no longer required to fix the problem. Backhoe loaders, bulldozers, and other large pieces of digging apparatuses have recently become a thing of the past. That means that you do not need to worry about your yard or exterior grounds being destroyed by these loud, gas guzzling, and outdated machines. Luckily for you there is an alternative solution that takes less time and costs less money.

In addition, it does not wreak havoc to your yard, driveway, and sidewalks. Trenchless storm drain repair in Baltimore, Maryland is a technologically advanced solution that smart property owners have been relying on far more regularly in recent times. Although the technology was invented over a decade ago, its popularity has exploded over the past two to three years. In order to fully understand the benefits, you must first be ware of exactly how your storm drain functions, and what trenchless storm drain repair is all about. The following questions were designed to clarify that for you.

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How Does Your Storm Drain Work?

The storm drain is responsible for eliminating excessive rainwater and melted snow from your property. The water enters through a network of drains and travels through a large pipe. It ends up dumping into either the city/town’s main sewer line, or a retention pond located on or near your property. If the storm drain is not working properly the water will end up backing up into your yard, or grounds where it can cause flooding to both the exterior and interior of your property.

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What Causes Storm Drain Problems?

Over time storm drainpipes tend to corrode. When the pipe material becomes compromised small breaks and cracks begin to appear in the pipeline. At that point the water starts to leak out of the pipe and enter back into the ground. Chances are that the ground will not be able to absorb this excessive amount of water leading to flooding on or inside of your property. The breaks and cracks will only grow larger with time, leading to more serious problems.

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What Exactly is Trenchless Storm Drain Repair?

Trenchless storm drain repair is a relatively simple yet extremely effective process. A high-tech machine is used to install an epoxy coated lining into the existing pipeline through a small access hole. The lining is then inflated and the epoxy material is cured in place with the assistance of either hot water or stream. Once the epoxy fully sets it forms a brand new pipe within the old one. This new pipe completely seals any breaks or cracks and also prevents future corrosion. Once the job is complete the access hole is filled back in.

What Are The Main Benefits of Trenchless Storm Drain Repair?

Trenchless storm drain repair presents Baltimore property owners with an incredible opportunity to save a tremendous amount of money. As a matter of fact, it is 50-70 percent less expensive than the traditional, and highly outdated excavation procedure. Not only does trenchless save a ton of money, it also saves a significant amount of time. Your property will be fully operational in far less time than the excavation method. Typically the plumbing contractor will be able to complete the job in as little as a day, compared to a week or two. Trenchless storm drain repair does not require the excavation of a large trench, so there is basically zero repairs to make to your landscaping once the plumbing contractor has finished the work.

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