Trenchless Sewer Repair Baltimore, Maryland

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Trenchless Sewer Repair Baltimore, Maryland

Waiting to address plumbing issues can be costly and destructive. Today’s no-dig solution technology allows us to keep your yard intact while leaks, cracks, and backups are resolved in as little as one day.

No Dig Pipe Solution

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Baltimore Homeowners and business owners often assume that repairing or replacing pipes will cost thousands of dollars. Thanks to trenchless technology, sewer repairs are now more affordable and easier than ever.

SPT Pipe has the best equipment and latest technology to help you quickly get back on track. Our qualified technicians will initially do a visual check using a tiny camera to get deep into your pipes. With this, we will know if there are faults, leaks, root intrusions, cracks and valve issues. All it takes is a few hours to trace your entire sewer system in order to precisely tell what’s causing the problem!

Depending on the camera report, we may apply any of the following trenchless methods to repair your sewer line.

Pipe Within a Pipe

CIPP, or cured in place piping makes use of a liner that’s coated with a special epoxy resin attached to the inside of your sewer line. The resin is then heated and sticks to the inside via steam or pressurized hot air. A few hours later the resin hardens and forms a new pipe. Our expert technicians can rehabilitate any pipe within the 2″ to 36″ range for either horizontal or vertical pipe placements.

Pipe Bursting. Collapsed pipes will not have much structure left. When this happens, our professionals recommend the next best thing, which is the trenchless pipe bursting process. A bursting head is attached to a new HDPE pipe and led through the old pipeline, “bursting” the fragments into the surrounding soil. A hydraulic ram is attached to the tail of the pipe to lay the new line without having to dig up the surrounding soil.

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Why SPT Over Traditional Pipe Repairs?

We offer trenchless over traditional repairs to the benefit of every property owner. Sewer repairs are more:


We repair and improve your pipes to a like-new, stronger condition in just a few hours. All day-to-day activities and business operations will be back to normal after a brief break.


Traditional sewer line repair and replacement costs can be extensive. Trenchless technology requires no heavy machinery, no extensive labor, no ruining of lawns and no re-landscaping costs. You can save up to 75 percent of repair costs when you go with the newer and better sewer line repair method.


Superior-quality HDPE pipes laid out with dependable workmanship are scheduled to last for 50 years or more. The new material is highly resistant to common piping issues such as ground movement, tree root invasion, cracking and rusting.

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Trenchless Sewer Repair

Contact SPT to speak with trenchless sewer repair Baltimore experts and see how we can help! We are the right choice for all your sewer repair needs in Baltimore, MD. We solve pipe issues fast and affordably.

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