The Top 10 Benefits of Roof Drain Lining in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore Maryland Roof Drain Lining

Roof drain leaks are a common occurrence at numerous homes and commercial buildings throughout Baltimore, Maryland. It happens more frequently if the property was constructed over two decades ago. That is due to the fact that roof drainpipe manufacturers used iron and other materials that have a short lifespan when exposed to the harsh Maryland weather. If you happen to be having an issue with your roof drain, ignoring the problem will only lead to significant property damage.

It may even end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair work. Fortunately, SPT Pipe incorporates the use of a high-tech method that will prevent that from happening. We can easily fix the situation before it turns into a major problem. Our technologically advanced Roof drain lining in Baltimore, Maryland is a sure fire way to repair vertical drains without breaking the bank.

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What Is Roof Drain Lining?

Roof drain lining was developed a little over ten years ago. Since that time it has become the go-to method for advanced plumbing contractors on a nationwide basis, and for good reason. When compared to entirely replacing the old roof drain pipes, lining is far more cost effective, significantly reduces the time frame, and is a far less invasive procedure. Lining the pipes not only strengthens them, it can be accomplished without any disruptive and damaging exterior excavation work.

It also avoids the need to demolish and replace interior walls, floors, and ceilings in your home or investment property. Instead, a small entrance point is created in order to access the roof drainpipe. A high tech machine is then used to restore the existing pipe from within by applying an epoxy resin that thoroughly coats the entire interior surface areas. When the soft epoxy resin cures in place, (or hardens in layman terms) it completely and thoroughly seals the pipes.

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There are Many Benefits to Roof Drain Lining:

  1. Roof drain lining is less than half the cost of traditional roof drain replacement.
  2. Roof drain lining renovates the existing pipe to better-than-new condition without the need of costly pipe demolition and replacement.
  3. Roof drain lining lasts for approximately fifty years.
  4. Roof drain lining is the fastest method to solve the problem.
  5. Roof drain lining takes approximately a day to complete.
  6. Roof drain lining does not require any messy cleanup.
  7. Roof drain lining can be performed on single-family homes, multi-family homes, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and even on industrial buildings.
  8. Roof drain lining prevents further damage to the property.
  9. Roof drain lining avoids the necessity to use loud equipment.
  10. Roof drain lining prevents slow leaks that end up leading to the growth of dangerous indoor mold and mildew.

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In conclusion, SPT Pipe specializes in Roof Drain Lining in Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas. Please contact us at 800-849-4610 for a free consultation regarding all of your plumbing related issues. We look forward to speaking with you.

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