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When plumbing drains are working at 100 percent capacity, they are quiet, efficient and unnoticeable. But when plumbing problems do arise, they can be an expensive hassle to repair.

Regular drain cleanings are critical for not only keeping your drains in good condition, but preventing larger issues as well. Think of scheduling a drain cleaning like visiting the doctor for an annual physical checkup. Even if you don’t feel like anything is wrong, an experienced professional will be able to fully assess the situation and pinpoint any areas that may cause problems in the future.

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Why is Drain Cleaning So Important?

To understand the importance of drain cleaning, it helps to look at how clogs affect a home’s or business’ plumbing system.

Plumbing issues begin when the main plumbing line develops a clog, which slows the flow of water through the drains. The clog gets larger with time, resulting in less water flow. Eventually, the clog will grow big enough to completely block water through the drains, and at this point, it’s past time to call a plumber.

With a clogged drain, the water can’t flow on its normal path to the main sewer line. When water has nowhere else to go, it seeks the quickest exit, which usually results in sinks and toilets backing up and even overflowing.

Overflowing sinks and toilets are an unpleasant problem to have, but they can also cause a serious health risk, since the water in your drains is full of bacteria from raw sewage.

Overflowing water can also cause a lot of expensive damage if it’s allowed to soak into floors, walls and furniture. Many homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover water damage, which is another reason drain cleaning and regular maintenance is such a worthwhile investment.

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How Does Drain Cleaning Work?

Drain lines flow underground from sinks, tubs and toilets, through pipes that will eventually end at either the municipal sewer or septic tank. During a comprehensive drain cleaning, a plumbing technician will use specialized equipment to make sure these pipes are free of clogs, mineral buildup, dirt and debris.

A professional drain cleaning typically includes a video camera inspection. Using a small, flexible, waterproof camera to navigate through the entire pipeline, the plumber can pinpoint the exact location of clogs or any other damage.

After visually assessing the problem, the plumbing expert will determine the best tools to fix it. In some cases, a technique called hydro-jetting can break up large clogs and even remove tree roots that have grown into pipes. Hydro-jetting uses a stream of highly pressurized water to clear grease, hair and other debris from drains.

If the drains in your home or business have slowed down, hire a plumber to clean and examine your plumbing drains as soon as possible.

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Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT) was founded in Florida in 1994, and has since expanded to 9 locations all across North America. SPT offers cutting-edge plumbing technology, specializing in dig-free and non-intrusive solutions to common pipe problems.

Serving home and business owners throughout the greater Baltimore area, SPT’s fully trained plumbing professionals can resolve plumbing issues and restore pipes to their best functionality.

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