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It’s easy to allow sewer systems to go unattended. They’re out of sight and often don’t cross your mind until there is a noticeable problem. When things do go wrong, however, the stress that comes with sewer repair can be intimidating.

As you may already be aware, traffic through North Woods Trail has been limited due to sewer repairs. They’ve been dealing with the issue since June. So what’s caused all the fuss? A local homeowner reported a sewage backup and it was discovered that a piece of pipeline had collapsed entirely.

While it’s a nuisance to those of you stuck in slow, one-lane traffic, it’s more of a problem for homeowners directly connected to the area of pipeline that has collapsed. Their sewage systems are directly affected by both the collapse and the repair.

Fortunately, sewer repairs aren’t as daunting as they may seem.

For most sewer repairs, it’s no longer necessary to dig trenches and excavate old pipes. In fact, the collapsed pipeline on N. Woods Trail is being repaired using a Trenchless Pipe Bursting method. This method allows the pipeline to be repaired without having to dig and remove the damaged piece.

So What Does All That Mean for You as a Member of the Baltimore community?

The most important thing to take from all of this is that the homeowner could have been you. In fact, there’s a chance that your pipelines will need some sort of repair. Most of the causes of pipeline failure are naturally occurring as well: tree roots growing into the pipeline, backups from waste build up, and old age can damage a sewer pipe to the point of needing repair.

Here at SPT we want to make those repairs easier on your wallet and your mind. We offer an array of services, to safeguard your pipeline regardless of its age or condition. If you’re not sure where to start, rest assured we’re here to guide you.

The best measure you can take to prepare for sewer repairs is preventative maintenance. When it comes to your sewer pipes, this means Video Pipe Inspections. Using state-of-the-art video inspection equipment, we’re able to run a camera through your pipeline and see damage, wear and tear, and more.

Another great form of preventative maintenance is routine Pipe Cleaning. By regularly having your pipes cleaned, you’re taking steps to clear blockages and build-ups before they become a problem.

Should you find yourself needing repairs, SPT Pipe is here to help. We’re well educated in why it’s important to be proactive about Pipe Rehabilitation and offer a variety of services that allow us to repair without the stress and destruction of trenches and excavation.

Get Your Baltimore Sewer Pipes Repaired

Don’t let blockages and unhealthy pipelines sneak up on you. Be proactive and trust the professionals to keep your sewage system in perfect functioning order.

If you’re in the Baltimore area and looking for assistance with your sewer line or sewer repairs, call us at 301-810-5562. We’re here to help!

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