Lead Water Regulation

In the more recent years, lead poisoning has been garnering a lot of attention. In the past lead was largely used do to its flexible and durable nature. Things like paint, structures and pipelines all consisted of lead.

However now, lead has contaminated water and has caused 30% of lead increase in the blood of children. The U.S., Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has implemented a Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). The SDWA insures safety to the water supply in every public setting this includes schools. As Children spend most of their time in school settings it is important to make sure lead exposure in school are at a minimum. The most common reason students consume lead is through drinking water. In order to drink water, it must pass through potable drinking water pipes. Aforementioned, pipelines were largely made by lead not even 50 years ago. Lead is a toxic metal leading to detrimental results in a person over time. In children, it can lead to behavior and learning problems, lower IQ, comas and possibly death. Lead particles from the pipes leach on to water causing the water to be contaminated. This water is then consumed by school children and cause deteriorations to their health.

Many suggest the solution to the lead pipe epidemic is to replace all lead pipelines. Not only is this damaging, disruptive and expensive solution, especially at a time when school boards are looking to cut costs, it is completely unnecessary.

Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT) is a Nu Flow Technologies provider, offers the perfect lead pipe solution. A patented technology known as “Nu Line”.

Nu Line is an epoxy barrier coating for potable water systems. After the pipes are cleaned epoxy is blown into the host pipe that evenly coats the metal of existing pipes creating a protective layer between the metal and water passing through.

In order to keep the next generation safe, it is important to keep the drinking water poison free. Using Nu Line will help you achieve that for a quick and less destructive option.

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