Importance of Camera Inspections When Purchasing a Property

At Specialized Pipe Technologies, we offer professional video camera inspection in Frederick, MD for your sewer system because we know the many sources and types of damage that can happen to underground pipes. This is especially true when buying a house or building that was built more than ten years ago. The last thing a new homeowner wants is to find out their sewer pipes are no good after they’ve already moved in. A pipe inspection can help:

Determine the Current Pipe Material

We recommend getting a camera inspection before purchasing a property, particularly if the home was built earlier than the 1970s. Knowing the material that the current plumbing system is made of can help give you an idea of what upgrades you’d need to make. The pipes laid back then were often made of clay or of cast iron. Clay pipes are subject to root intrusion because of gaps at the joins and cast iron often starts to decay over time. If we observe any of these problems, we can offer you our trenchless pipe lining services to restore your pipe’s efficiency.

Reveal Hidden Issues

However, getting a pipe inspection is not only necessary for homes that are old. There are other factors that can indicate a need, such as an abundance of older trees on the property. Tree roots are notorious for shifting, breaking or otherwise damaging pipes. So if there are larger trees in the yard, there is potential for sewer pipe damage. If the home is in a subdivision, where the houses were built quickly, shifting soil materials can also cause pipe obstruction and decay.

It is important to schedule a sewer inspection, even if the plumbing seems to be working fine. Sometimes a leak may be small enough to go undetected from inside the home, but slowly erode the soil underground, causing the ground to sink, sometimes taking outbuildings or sidewalks along with it. With a professional inspection, we can make the necessary sewer repairs and ensure that there are no existing issues before you move in.

If you are considering buying a home or other property, we recommend scheduling a professional video inspection before signing the documents. Specialized Pipe Technologies offers quality plumbing services, and you can count on our expertise. Contact us today.

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