Hydro-jetting: The Environmentally Friendly Method

If you’re dealing with a clogged drain in Miami, FL, or a nearby area, arranging for hydro jetting services from the team at Specialized Pipe Technologies is definitely in order. Hydro jetting has been demonstrated as a cheap, highly effective means of drain clog removal, but its benefits aren’t limited to the low cost and proven results. This technique is also ecologically responsible and poses very little risk to the natural environment.

No Chemicals Needed

Hydro jetting employs a powerful stream of water to break up a drain clog instead of using potentially hazardous chemicals. The grease, hair, and other obstructing materials are then washed away through the sewer line like regular wastewater. Our established drain cleaning company in Miami, FL is equipped to offer this safe, reliable service to local home and business owners alike.

No Digging Required

Some methods of drain cleaning in Miami, FL are conducted by first digging up the pipeline. Extensive excavation may unearth potential biological contaminants and also allow the soil to escape into the wind or erode into surface water bodies. Hydro jetting is carried out without undertaking a full-scale pipe excavation.

No Heavy Equipment Necessary

Because hydro jetting in Miami, FL can be performed with equipment that’s easily transportable by a regular work vehicle, the consumption of fossil fuels is limited. The process also generates little to no waste that must be transported to a landfill for disposal.

Turn to Our Trusted Team

Give Specialized Pipe Technologies a call today to learn more about hydro jetting and our other drain cleaning services in Miami, FL. We’ll be happy to answer your questions over the phone, and we’ll respond quickly if you’re ready to schedule an on-site consultation at your property anywhere in or around Miami.

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