How Tree Roots Can Destroy Your Home’s Sewer Line

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Healthy plumbing is essential to a homeowner’s peace of mind, but even the best-maintained pipes can be subject to damage. Tree root invasion, or a block in a pipe caused by a tree’s roots growing in through a crack, is a fairly common issue which can cause slow drains, backups, and pooling near the damaged line. Fortunately, the experts at SPT understand tree root invasion inside and out, and can efficiently identify and remove the blockage to get your plumbing back in working order.

Why Tree Roots Get Into Pipes

Trees need nutrients to thrive, and the organic matter that passes through sewer pipes is rich in many of the compounds that keep trees healthy. If a crack in your pipe is leaking waste into the soil, trees may expand their roots into the area - sometimes going as far as entering the pipe by way of the crack. Once this occurs, the original crack is worsened and your pipelines begin to back up. So how can you make sure a small crack doesn’t become a more costly repair?

How to Prevent Tree Root Invasion

If you live in an area with many trees, it may be wise to take periodic measures to ensure no roots have invaded your pipes.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Drains
    How your drains are functioning can give you insight into what is happening further down your pipes. Slow drains are a good indicator that there may be a larger issue, especially if multiple drains within your house are experiencing problems. Water backing up into your sink is another sign that there may be a blockage, as is unexplained pooling in your yard or warmth under your floors. If you notice any of the symptoms of a drain error, you should schedule an inspection right away.

  • Schedule a Pipeline Inspection
    Even if your drains appear to be functioning well, it is best to get your pipes inspected regularly to prevent problems from occurring. Camera inspections can show even the smallest crack or patch of weakness in a pipe, and once they’re found they can be easily repaired. Prevention is far less expensive than fixing major damage, making the small investment of an inspection well-worth the cost.

How to Remove Tree Roots from Your Pipes

The professionals at SPT have perfected removing tree root invasions without impacting your day-to-day life. Once we have performed an inspection and pinpointed the location of the tree roots, we remove the roots then repair the pipe so the problem doesn’t recur.

  • Removing Roots with Hydro Jetting
    The most pipe-friendly way to remove obstructions is known as hydro jetting. Hydro jetting involves inserting a multi-directional nozzle capable of blasting water out at 3,500 PSI into your clogged line. Next, potable water is used to wash away any debris or pipe buildup leaving the line perfectly clean and ready for repair. This method is both gentle on your pipes and on the earth, as no damaging chemicals need to be used.

  • Repairing Your Pipes Without Harming Your Property
    Once the pipes are clean, we get to repairing them. Because we know you value your lawn and flooring, we access your pipes through a small and easily-closed hole instead of creating a trench to get to your line. We then feed an epoxy resin covered tube into your pipe, inflate it so the resin fits snugly, and remove the tube to let it cure. This creates a pipe-within-a-pipe, meaning your previously damaged line now has the integrity of a brand new pipe.

Call the Experts at SPT Today

To keep your drains running smoothly - and free of tree roots - call SPT today. Our experts can advise you on preventative methods for your home and help you address any concerns you may have about your plumbing.

Contact Specialized Pipe Technologies today at 855-960-5393.

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